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  1. Are You "Normal" or Are You Real? — by Tancie Leroux
  2. 10 Emotional Needs Shopping Can Never Satisfy — by Sofo Archon
  3. Home Is Where The Nose Is — by Stuart M. Perkins
  4. For my people resisting their inner work. — by Annika Martins
  5. Teach girls bravery, not perfection — a TED Talk by Reshma Saujani
  6. Fear Is Why We Have Too Much Stuff — by Leo Babauta
  7. Mama’s Chicken Skillet — by Ruth Ann Frederick
  8. The Peace Blanket: A Cheyenne Tale of Reconciliation — retold by Matthew Gindin
  9. Vulnerability is the Path — -by Brene Brown
  10. How to Beat Anxiety So You Can Live Life to the Fullest — by Catherine Colegrave
  11. You’re Not a Mind Reader – Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You
  12. Swan Hugs The Man Who Rescued It By Wrapping Her Neck Around Him
  13. Meet Your Second Brain: The Gut — by Jennifer Wolkin
  14. Are You Afraid of Your Boss? Zen Says: You Have No “Boss” — by Wes Annac
  15. It feels risky — by Seth Godin
  16. Bikers change lives of abused children — a video from Yahoo Screen
  17. Coloring May Be The Best Alternative To Meditation. Here Are 9 Therapeutic Benefits
  18. Letting go of attachments — by Millie Parmer
  19. Five Science-Backed Strategies for More Happiness — by Kira M. Newman
  20. Small Town Ways — by Stuart M. Perkins
  21. 9 Things Emotionally Strong People Never Do — by Janey Davies
  22. Relationship Salve: The Practice of Intentional Dialogues — by Leo Babauta
  23. What it Means To Truly “Let Go”, As Explained By A Talk Therapist — by Brad Noyes
  24. The Art of Holding Space — by Humberto Braga II
  25. How Complaining Rewires Your Brain for Negativity and Literally Kills You
  26. Love Lessons; Lingering in the Warmth — by Melody Schaper
  27. Just Claim it All — by Sarah Elkhaldy
  28. Emotional Rescue: Using Mindfulness to Reset Your Reactions — by Mark Bertin
  29. We're all works in progress. If we admitted that, it'd be so much easier.
  30. You’ll Never Be “Ready,” So Stop Waiting — by Matt Duczeminski
  31. The Secret to Letting Go of Every Fear — by Guy Finley
  32. 8 Struggles of Being a Deep Thinker in the Modern World — by Anna LeMind
  33. What Is Emotional Intelligence? 5 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence
  34. 6 Lessons from a Cancer Survivor to Help You Get Through Anything by Stephanie Noble
  35. A Simple Way to Calm Yourself When Feeling Strong Emotions — by Amy Kay Watson
  36. "Who Can Stand?" by William Blake — presented by Serena, Lady of the Woods
  37. Stop Interpreting and Start Listening — by Guru Singh
  38. 12 Ways to Become the Most Miserable Person in the World — by Sofo Archon
  39. How to Create Happiness in Zero Easy Steps — by Jock Gilchrist
  40. All mirrors are broken — by Seth Godin
  41. Emotional Maturity Is Something Few People Have. Here Are 5 of the Most Common Sign
  42. Some Days, You Just Have Nothing — by Leo Babauta
  43. Why Do We Feel Awe? — by Dacher Kerltner
  44. Shields up — by Seth Godin
  45. 63 Simple Daily Habits to Become a Happier and Better Person — by Tristan Patrick
  46. Stretching without support — by Seth Godin
  47. How To Heal Yourself With Your Creativity — by Sofo Archon
  48. People For Good "Babies" 60 second TV Commercial
  49. 15 Things You Don’t Ever Have to Apologize For — by Sofo Archon
  50. If I Could Talk / Best Dog Film Short — Director @ShawnWellingAXI
  51. The Three A's of Awesome — a TED Talk by Neil Pasricha
  52. 5 Ways To Tap Into Your Intuition, and How It Will Change Your Life — by Matt D.
  53. The Nature of Hate — by Jack Kornfield
  54. What Keeps You Coming Back — by Barry Boyce
  55. 3 Things You Should Never Forget About Yourself — by Sofo Archon
  56. Three Substitutes for Logic — by Jon Rappoport
  57. Feeling “Weird” is Necessary if You Want to Succeed — by Melissa Chu
  58. The Black Sheep – Is It Okay to Leave Your Biological Family? — by Lia Love
  59. Mental Badassery: Becoming Aware of the Stories We Tell Ourselves — by Leo Babauta
  60. Do You Suffer from the Imposter Syndrome — by Janey Davies
  61. The light choice is the right choice. Don’t say yes until it feels … light
  62. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Be Rational in Order to Achieve Your Goals
  63. Don’t Beat Yourself Up — by Mark Leary
  64. That’s It Point — by Millie Parmer
  65. Relationships on the Spiritual Path—Part 1: Comfort, Soul Growth & Judgment
  66. A parody of yourself — by Seth Godin
  67. 8 Steps to Turn Conflict into Spiritual Gold: A Practice — by LIssa Rankin, MD
  68. How Social Rejection Fuels Creativity in Independent People — by Kirstie Pursey
  69. The Two Ways to Move Through Life — by David Cain
  70. Two Lists You Need to Make If You Want to Be True to Yourself — by Tara Massan
  71. The Other Pair — a short short directed by Sarah Rozik
  72. How A Yellow Car Saved Me — a video by Toni Powell
  73. Rewiring Your Emotions — by Sharon Begley
  74. We’re all works in progress. If we admitted that, it’d be so much easier. — by Annika
  75. Accessing Desire As Loving Motivation — by Miki Kashtan
  76. Where Abundance Comes From — by David Cain
  77. Thanks Alice — by Stuart M. Perkins
  78. To All Artists, Known and Unknown — by Richard Berger
  79. Choosing Curiosity Over Fear — a conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert from OnBeing
  80. 4 Things You Need to Know to Have a Strong, Healthy Relationship — by Carrie L. Burns
  81. How We Are Being Manipulated into Having Irrational Fears — by Kirstie Pursey
  82. Temperment is a skill — by Seth Godin
  83. Feeling Bad Can Make You Smarter, Study Finds — by Francesca
  84. Everyone fails, but only the wise find humility — by Costica Bradatan
  85. When We Love and Accept Ourselves, the World Fits Around Us — by Dawn Turner
  86. How to Avoid End-of-Life Regret: Stop Giving Your Life Away — by Sandra Cooper
  87. 8 Signs You’ve Lost Touch with Your Intuition — by Lissa Rankin
  88. 6 Powerful Ways To Reconnect With Your Inner Intuition — by Zane
  89. The Sanity of 'Madness' — a video by The School of Life
  90. Anxiety loves company — by Seth Godin
  91. A Counterintuitive (and Much More Real) Approach to Self-Development
  92. Dopping the narative — by Seth Godin
  93. Love Lessons; Embodying Change — by Melody Schaper
  94. I Host a Podcast About Meditation and I’m STILL a Mess (Sometimes…) — by Patricia K.
  95. Middle-Schoolers Tame Anxiety in “Release” Short Film — by Stephany Tlalka
  96. 12 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity — from Wisdom Pills
  97. Becoming Free of Our Substitute Life — by Ezra Bayda
  98. Don’t Worry, Everybody Else is Crazy Too — by David Cain
  99. The Crossroads of Should & Must — by Maria Popova
  100. My Body No Longer Lets Me Lie — by Stephenie Zamora
  101. This Week’s GOOD NEWS From Around The World (Oct 8/16) — by Dallas Jeffs
  102. Just Don’t Expect Crazy People to Be Sane (Cause That’s Crazy) — by Danielle LaPorte
  103. How the Power of Self-Acceptance Makes the World Fit around You — by Kirstie Pursey
  104. Waves of Doubt and an Ocean of LOVE — by Laura Fenamore
  105. Corrosion — by Seth Godin
  106. Meditation Keeps Emotions in Check — by Crystal Goh
  107. Pet peeves — by Seth Godin
  108. Eat the Marshmallow: How I learned to Stop Waiting for something More.
  109. How to Free Yourself from Your Personal Stories — by Bob Stahl and Steve Flowers
  110. Fear of outsiders — by Seth Godin
  111. Raker Man — by Stuart M. Perkins
  112. So You Have a High IQ. Why That’s Only Half the Story. — by Heather Harper
  113. How we Win when we Don’t get what we Want. — by Angela N. Holton
  114. Psychic Attack Doesn’t Exist, Here’s Why … — by Aletheia Luna
  115. Listening to our Intuition is Wrong: Here’s Why — by Ricci-Jane Adams
  116. Self-confidence vs. Self-esteem: What’s the Difference? — by Sara Fabian
  117. How Do We Liberate Ourselves From Fear? — by Diana Rose Kottle
  118. A Guide to Dealing with Dissatisfaction with Ourselves — by Leo Babauta
  119. Buddhist Quotes on Fear — by Lindsay Carricarte
  120. How Sleep Resets the Brain's Emotional Compass — by Carolyn Gregoire
  121. The Answer — a music video by Rosemarie Ashley
  122. RIP Leonard Cohen
  123. We Radiate Energy…So Be Careful with It! — by Hayley Hobson
  124. 5 Buddhist Quotes in Response to Anger — by Lindsay Carricarte
  125. Empathy is a bridge — by Swth Godin
  126. How Achieving Emotional Agility Can Help You — at Work and in Life — a podcast
  127. The magic wand store is closed — by Seth Godin
  128. The Fearless Challenge — By Leo Babauta
  129. Lifelong Lessons My Students Taught Me — Marcia Smalley
  130. Why Am I So Emotional? The 4 Step Emotional Acceptance Process — by Mateo Sol
  131. Beautiful Things Can Happen When We Step Outside Our Comfort Zone
  132. How to Become Less Uptight in Two Minutes — by David Cain
  133. Do You Ever Feel Like An Outsider Looking In? Here’s Why… — by Aletheia Luna
  134. Working in the Light — by Kathryn Mussell
  135. What’s underneath wishful thinking? — by Danielle LaPorte
  136. 8 Obscure Emotional States You’ve Felt but Couldn’t Find a Name for — by Caroline
  137. This Beautiful Infographic Provides The “23 Keys To Success” — by Carmen Jacob
  138. The myth of quick — by Seth Godin
  139. 10 Signs You Have Lost Touch with Your Inner Self — by Caroline Hindle
  140. The One Question You Need to Ask Yourself When Deciding What to Do — by Amaya Pryce
  141. Your Rhythm of Breathing Controls Emotional Judgement and Fear — by Joe Battaglia
  142. One way to think about talent — by Seth Godin
  143. No Experience Required. Beginners Welcome. — by Fei Wu
  144. Simplifying Self-Improvement: 4 Steps to Correcting Common Self-Help Mistakes
  145. 4 Tips for Raising Happy, Emotionally Healthy Children — by Sandra Cooper
  146. The Healing Benefits of Spending Time Alone — by Sofo Archon
  147. What It Feels Like to Be a Spiritual Empath in the Modern World — Kirstie Pursey
  148. The Difference Between the Greatest and… Everyone Else — James Altucher
  149. This Is Your Brain on Lies — by Crystal Goh
  150. Inner World of Moods — by Patty de Llosa
  151. Why Facing Your Fears Is The Most Effective Spiritual Practice — by Jasmine
  152. Words of Wisdom from “The Running Rabbi” on Facing Illness and Adversity
  153. Upgrade to The Understanding of a Four Year Old — by Jen Ward
  154. Who Do You Think You Are? — by Hilde Larsen
  155. Containing My Emotions — by Grant Snider
  156. Don’t Give Your Power Away: Why We Need to Stop Seeking Approval — by Jen Yang
  157. Fear Is Why We Have Too Much Stuff — by Leo Babauta
  158. Who Are These Elusive Normal People Everyone Is Trying to Be Like? — Kirstie Pursey
  159. Not Liking One’s Looks (2015) — a video from Luiz Stockler
  160. Is kindness a luxury? — by Seth Godin
  161. Why Love requires Generosity — a video by The School of Life
  162. Goodbye Booze, For Now — by David Cain
  163. Why Vulnerability May Be The Only True Definition Of Strength — by Shanti Rao
  164. Fear and Anger — by Jack Kornfield
  165. 6 Lessons You Must Learn to Find Contentment in Life — by Sofo Archon
  166. Pavlov's in your pocket — by Seth Godin
  167. Won’t You Stay? A Short Story for Anyone who has ever had to Leave. — by Toby Israel
  168. Pakistan's Robin Hood Food Army — a video
  169. The Unique Bill Murray Technique for Saying “YES” — by James Altucher
  170. How to Be Kind Among Unkind People — by Sofo Archon
  171. Don’t Believe Everything You Think: 10 Irrational Beliefs That Need To Be Questioned
  172. How to Trace Emotional Pain to Love. Every Time. — by Kristen Schwartz
  173. 5 Life-Changing Realizations About Fear and Anxiety — by Berni Sewell
  174. Losing by winning — by Seth Godin
  175. Be Careful of Telling Your Origins Story over and Over — by Chris Guillebeau
  176. The Way of Openness: Moving Away from Comfort & Security — by Leo Babauta
  177. Why Not Having to Know Can Serve You in a Beautiful Way — by Imelda Arcilla
  178. One Mindfulness Practice You Can Try Today: Let It Go! — by Ed Halliwell
  179. The Non-Conformity Guide: How to Stop Following the Herd... — by Sofo Archon
  180. What Happens When You Rebel Against the Herd — by Sofo Archon
  181. 'I know they are going to die.' This foster father takes in only terminally ill...
  182. It’s Time to Reclaim Our Power — by Kathryn Mussell
  183. How Your Ego Thrives on Fear and Keeps You Panicked — by Amaya Pryce
  184. SELF-HONESTY: Where All Healing Begins — by Jack Adam Weber
  185. Conscious Breathing: A Simple Way to Work Through Emotional Pain — by Polly Green
  186. How to Keep Emotions From Running Your Life — by David Cain
  187. How to Transform Fear to Faith — by Terri Cole
  188. The Problem of Self-Hatred — by Jack Kornfield
  189. Just Because It’s Supposed to Work Doesn’t Mean It Will — by Chris Guillebeau
  190. How To Respond To All The Bad News — Paula M. Jones
  191. Where Our Biggest Regrets Come From — by Sofo Archon
  192. Let Go of Loneliness and Discontentment — by Guy Finley
  193. Emotionally attractive — by Seth Godin
  194. 8 Things that People with High Emotional Intelligence Simply Don’t Do — by Justin
  195. A Buddhist Notion for When Life’s a bit Scary & Uncertain. — by Chris McKee
  196. The Cost of Being Real in a Fake Society — by Kirstie Pursey
  197. Holding Space When Someone Is In Pain — by Lissa Rankin
  198. Fear, failure and shame, oh my — by Seth Godin
  199. The Ultimate Guide To Solar Plexus Chakra Healing For Complete Beginners
  200. Anna's Hidden Reality — by Star Letters
  201. Seriously vs. personally — by Seth Godin
  202. A Curve Ball is A Shove in the Right Direction — author unknown
  203. 5 Steps to Learning How to Accept Criticism With Appreciation — by Tess Pajaron
  204. Thanks for the Easy — by Angie Sarhan Salvatore
  205. 5 Difficult Truths That Will Change The Way You Live Your Life — by Robyn Reisch
  206. Timing is Everything — from UniverseLetters
  207. Your Crisis Is A Beacon — by Paula M. Jones
  208. Cognitive Dissonance: How Do We Recognize and Overcome It? — by Kirstie Pursey
  209. The Wisdom of Insecurity — by Jack Kornfield
  210. How to Turn Down Our “What If” Brain — by Hazel Harrison
  211. 5 Ways Failure Can Be a Blessing in Disguise — by Constantina Koutsoupia
  212. 6 Ways to End Emotional Slavery — by Nicholas Stollings
  213. A Guide to Fear Mastery — by Leo Babauta
  214. This Inspirational Newscaster Wouldn't Give Up on Finding This Foster Boy a Home
  215. Nice Guys aren’t Good Men. — by Lisa Vallejos, PhD
  216. 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Live a Stressful Life — by Sofo Archon
  217. It’s Okay If Change Doesn’t Happen Right Away — by Victor Tan
  218. The Sweet Storm — by Melody Schaper
  219. The Mindful Approach to Those Very Real Butterflies in Your Stomach — by Jennifer W.
  220. Intuition: Helpful… Sometimes — by Jack Adam Weber
  221. The 4 Insights Most Empaths are Missing—& How it’s Hurting Them — by Bere Blissenbach
  222. How to Handle Criticism the Way Mentally Strong People Do — by Janey Davies
  223. Why Some Things Trigger You Emotionally and Others Don’t — by Paula M. Jones
  224. Tension vs. fear — by Seth Godin
  225. How to Get People to Like You in 5 Seconds or Less — by James Altucher
  226. Emotional labor — by Seth Godin
  227. Small Actions, Huge Impact —by Leo Babauta
  228. Choosing your fuel — by Seth Godin
  229. Facts are not the antidote for doubt — by Seth Godin
  230. Live Intentionally, In Freedom — by Eknath Easwaran
  231. The Vibrations of Conflict — by Kenneth Cloke
  232. 5 signs that you love yourself — a video by Danielle LaPorte
  233. In search of familiarity — by Seth Godin
  234. No One Owes You Anything — by Trent Hamm
  235. Be Straw — by Tracy Cochran
  236. Is There Righteous Anger Ever? — by J. Krishnamurti
  237. How Humor Builds Empathy — by Mindful Staff
  238. Wood or Snake? Cognitive Dissonance & The Dangerous Dynamics of Assumption
  239. If You Don’t Like the Menu, Leave the Restaurant — by Chris Guillebeau
  240. 5 Things to Help Spruce Up Your Morning Routine — by Jack Canfield
  241. No, the Law of Attraction Does Not Work like That. — by Amanda Graham*
  242. The Difference Between An Empath, a Sympath and One Who Practices Compassion
  243. "But what if it works?" — by Seth Godin
  244. Fear of Freedom — by Jack Kornfield
  245. Stop Following the Road that Leads Nowhere — by Guy Finley
  246. An Expert on Personal Transformation Provides the “10 Rules of Change”
  247. Are You Addicted to Being Judgy? — by Bob Stahl
  248. 5 Common Myths About Being An Empath You Find In Posts That Are Completely Wrong!
  249. Buddhism on Eliminating Anger. — by Elyane Youssef
  250. Worth being afraid of — by Seth Godin