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Thread: My Favorite 11:11 Progress Group Messages

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    Sometimes the here and now is enough to relinquish the pursuit of "Evolution" when it is eventually understood that such pursuits are adapted from an egoic principle. However, it is in understanding Balance that Love may manifest in all Forms. The here and now is a great balancing Act, one which requires a steadfastness to the ideal as well as a sacrificial approach so that sincerity may blossom. It is a natural causality of our duality- Yet Love provide the foundation behind both manner seemingly good and seemingly bad. So it is.
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    Yep. Evolution is a natural consequence of living in the moment. No self-conscious effort is required.

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  3. #243 About Sharing the Truth

    “We understand your desire to share the truths that have been revealed to some of you in person. However, keep in mind that these truths have been understood by you thanks to the value of your own experience and your progressive enlightement. It can be said that you have ‘earned’ the right to know these truths, in the sense that you have endeavored to reach the spiritual level that makes these truths valuable and really beneficial to your spiritual path.

    “Many on your world are not yet prepared for these truths. Many would react in fear or with violence when their lifelong beliefs are threatened by the ‘perceived attack’ of your efforts to clarify the truth. You are not here to erradicate the traditions and the beliefs of the past. Everyone in this group is here to illuminate, to offer alternatives, to exemplify a better path, and to let every individual choose their own path to the Father."

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    This message was helpful in that, It reminds me how to Live in Love. One way is guiding each soul to the Father who dwells within and I am reminded, "All paths lead to the One." Being an example, being humble in ones approach is enough to help others without additional effort in speech. Sometimes the Love that radiates from one who regularly seeks God within is enough to plant the seeds of Faith in another. Seems there are commonalities to the divine- traits developed along the path, so as long as they are nourished in Love, one will go in whatever direction they must per their development- to argue against it can be futile yet to nourish those similarities of compassion, forgiveness, peace, duty well... I think this is the means to today's message.

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    the message today hits home as i find myself afflicted with negative reactive thoughts from simply laying eyes on others where i may have subconsciously classified an aspect of someones life as unhealthy and undesirable. when understanding god exist in each person and committing to see this as true- no matter their looks or mannerisms, it's important to remember each personality undergoes a unique communion solely between them and god. while we may share commonality in pursuit of evolution- there is something special to each expression. no doubt they may have a better understanding of god than i since each person is a beautiful ray of the divine. my own struggles to shape my body and mind in the way i see fit have created perhaps a toxic dogma that needn't exist in my pursuits. i found myself praying to god continually this morning to dissolve these reactionary thoughts, which torpedo'd out from the chasms of my mind. i can only conclude it is because i have thought negative things about myself before and during the midst of my efforts to transformation. i will not cease to strive for my loftier desires but after today's message it is clear to me more love and understanding needs to be had for not just myself but others- encouraging each person, knowing each has a special and unique pace in their unfolding. my advice to anyone unhappy with themselves is to never stop loving yourself, acknowledge what you dislike but do not shun it- question it and find a loving solution since the patterns we create now can have long term effects and we eventually lose the ability to see why we are having seeming random crippling thoughts.

    here are a couple lines that stood out to me from today's lesson:
    “Prejudice has much to do with the emotional standpoint you take toward those you fail to understand — including yourself — due to your intellectual ignorance and emotional immaturity.

    Are they settling for the incomplete and fuzzy picture, or are they making it their life’s pursuit to put their finger on the missing elements that are needed to solve the greater mystery?

    you need to demonstrate the ability to question your prejudices — the ill-fitting pieces — and consciously partake to your divinely ordained spiritual curriculum aimed at dispelling your current state of ignorance.

    “Jesus, during His human incarnation, addressed all these issues and personally demonstrated how to remove these stumbling blocks. The love He expressed from His wide-open heart was devoid of any type of social or personal prejudices. He was empathic and compassionate. He was NEVER sarcastic or pontificating toward anyone! Never, was He discriminative.

    And so I pray we remember this and make the effort, always
    In Love and Gratitude
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    I'd like to share several thoughts about the struggle you expressed.

    First of all, that internal critic of others is a perfectly normal reality in this world. Fear of 'the other' or concerns that we might lapse into a type of behavior 'they' are expressing and 'we' find threatening are the two biggest causes of our internal criticism. Working through the why's of it yield great self knowledge. I would also like to say that the thoughts aren't the origin of our inner dialog no matter whether it is critical, defensive or whatever. Those are mental expressions, reactions actually, of the emotional blocks we have.

    The next thing to realize is that those emotional issues are not 'yours' in one sense. They were impressed upon you beneath your conscious awareness. Consider those emotional blocks as fears and attachments. They are a major element of the great unconscious. Those patterns of behavior were handed down epigenetically in your family. Your parents and their parents never were aware of the origins of their own emotional blocks and difficulties. Then there are remnants of the fears of our animal nature, fears that society trains (and then exploits) and our own personal experiences. You didn't create them.

    In my estimation you already have made huge, perhaps the biggest, step forward in realizing the need to diminish those old negative attachments. Plus you already have the result of that goal firmly in heart and mind. Yay. You will be going forward in that path and will succeed. It may seem to take a long time but you are unwinding the patterns of milennia of unconscious human behavior. To me, unboggling our emotional natures and raising our consciousness to the heart is the task of our times.


    PS Here's an essay about this subject entitled, "Redefining Emotions".
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    Thank you Welles for your faith in me. Very studious, to see some root cause for these reactionary negative impressions. I appreciate the friendly reminder that they are not our internal dialogue. Perhaps, neither is the restless nature we experience from time to time. I am hoping to relieve more emotional blockages and become fully present in the moment. There's a lot to overcome but this is okay(I just envisioned the lotus flower rising from the mud!), sometimes it is fun when weighing the joy of living life as co-creator and remembering the God spark within. =) The best advice I have received and will share is to never give up.
    I read the essay. =) The ending reminds me you like to work with your hands. It's a beautiful suggestion, to embark on an artistic creation. Would you consider writing or Yoga art? I think it is.
    I am also fond of this line,
    What we often perceive as 'emotions' are actually only reflections of the intensity of our attachments and defenses resulting in an inability to actually use our emotional centers!
    And enjoyed envisioning a jiggling belly as the result of full-hearted laughter.
    The task of our times indeed, a unifying one at that!
    Namaste Brother

    PS, please enlighten me. Something happened with the font here and now I can't seem to get it to match. What's the secret doc?
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    “Merely material gifts will not succeed in winning someone’s wholehearted devotion if they are not coming from a place of unconditional love. As well, love is not generated by going through the moves out of a sense of duty. However, you have to start somewhere and such a dutiful service may act as a primer in the process of initiating the flow of the Love Substance.

    “Along the ages of planetary development, the Father has sent many Ambassadors of Love who role-modeled true Love. Their legacy is still alive, as such lives pulled at many heart-strings and had a lasting impact that rippled through many generations. Jesus’s life was such a demonstration of Love in Action. Love never becomes obsolete, as it is meant to infuse all lives at each present moment. In order to live to the fullest, you have to love to the fullest.”

    Love, which is seen as a Service, is the greatest reward for All. Love is Joy. God is Love. Loving from the Heart in every moment is the best Service we can provide and the most enlightening reward for the seeker.
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  9. #249 Yay God! ♥ 
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  10. #250 A Life that Will Become a Beacon

    “Therefore, do not be discouraged when your media constantly bombards you with the bad news of this world. Do not succumb to the attempts to highlight the lowest behaviors of human beings, while the endeavors of honesty, philantropy, generosity and selflessness remain unknown by the masses. The world is not as evil as those who are interested in capturing your attention want you to believe. Things are not as bad as those who try to use your fears to influence your decisions want you to think. This world is far from perfect, however, much spiritual progress is taking place in this era and from up high your teachers can anticipate the beginning of an age of spiritual awakening unprecedented in the history of this world."

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