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Thread: My Favorite 11:11 Progress Group Messages

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    “You can only cultivate present-centered awareness through the practice of self-discipline and by becoming more thoughtful about the feelings of others, even though their outward speech and actions tell you otherwise. "
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  3. #253 Signs of Personal Maturity

    "If allowed to reach old age, a normal human life usually spans through four phases during its earthly experience in intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects: childhood, youth, maturity, and seniority. Childhood is the beginning, youth the formation years, adulthood, the sedimentation phase, and seniority, the finishing years. As the physical body matures through life’s experiences, the self seeks intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity. Maturity, then, is the goal of life’s experience. What are the signs of having achieved personal maturity?"

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    True words, dear friend, did you get the feeling this Hezekiah could have been a general of some sort who suffered here on earth? Just a thought... Peace Welles
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    Today's entire message is real gold mine full of spiritual wisdom waiting for the seeker to harvest, where more then one read will yield reward time and time again!! The beginning hooked me
    Thought Adjuster: “How does one live a life that is a revelation to the glory of the Father? It would make sense to first clarify what we mean by the expression ‘to the glory of the Father’. The essence of the Father is love and when this love is manifested by the personality of God it turns into goodness. Therefore, the glory of God is the triumph of goodness in all creation. To live for the glory of the Father is nothing but following His will in such a way that you become an agent of His goodness. In this way, others would be able to recognize in you and through your actions, the divine goodness that inspires you and they would discover the Father through you.
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    Here is the link to the 11:11 Progress Group Message that happyrain excerpted above.

    To the Glory of the Father

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  7. #257 A Grand Design to Life

    “Think about what this means to you personally, to be alive in these stirring times. Many mortals everywhere are now coming to the realization that there is more to life than meets the eye.

    “They are awakening to the fact that there has to be a better way. Some are beginning to answer the call of Spirit within them by turning into the Silence in their hearts. They are learning to listen, realizing that there is a ‘destination’ — from imperfection to perfection, from mortality to immortality.”

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  8. #258 Life Beyond this Material Life.

    “It is a sign of spiritual awakening to become interested in preparing for the life beyond this material life. In order to know what is needed to reach the Mansion worlds at a higher level of spirituality it is necessary to consider what the purpose of a human life is — to know your Father better and to align your will with His will. This is the only thing you need to do in this world in order to get the highest marks on your mortal experiences.

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  9. #259 The Ultimate Goal of Evolution.

    “Allow your heart to be stirred into action by the unseen activities of heaven. The celestials are waiting to see which mortal will next answer the call of Sprit, and start exercising that precious free-will power of choice and decision-making to wake up and align the self to the will of the eternal God.

    “At first it may be a hesitant and half-hearted effort, but gradually the awareness; that yes indeed matters are moving along more smoothly, and a feeling of rightness and a semblance of soul-peace is beginning to take a hold.

    “Humankind is slow to understand that the Almighty Creator has entrusted them with the greatest gift, that of free will, in order for them to either choose immortal life or deny eternal life for themselves.

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  10. #260 Receiving and Transmitting.

    Orion: “Good day to you, my friend. This is Orion. Today we will talk about Receiving and Transmitting and I will describe to you how mostly it works. Not quite in all cases, but in the vast majority of cases it does so come about. In our case, right now, it does. We are each taking on a part of the task, we cooperate, we co-create. And to explain this more clearly, I need to give you a basic reminder of what you learned about the human speech centers, so you relearn what you always knew.
    This post contains a fascinating bit of information that can be extrapolated and applied to all sorts of inspired creation... that which is conscious co-creation.

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