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Thread: Is natural death the only way out? — On the topic of death

  1. #161 Why You No Longer Need to Fear Death — by Richard West 
    I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at Trew Fields cancer and holistic health awareness festival this last weekend. It was truly inspiring to see so many people challenging their preconceived ideas and conditioning around subjects such as cancer, drugs, holistic therapies and death. However, even here I observed some resistance to talking about dying itself.

    It is such a taboo subject, and yet my aim is to break this taboo by normalising it for people in a way that not only reduces fear of the dying process, but also gives you the tools to approach it in a conscious way, which is ultimately free from suffering.

    Defining Death

    The first thing to do to take us in this direction is to define death. Ultimately, what we see as death is just one manifestation of a process which is happening all the time. So instead of focussing on death as going from one state (alive) to another (dead), it is much more helpful to see it like this:

    Dying is, the breaking down of one reality in order to make way for another.
    This is an excellent article. Other points of view concerning death that Richard discusses are...

    Making Dying Normal
    Your Pain is Where the Light Enters
    Losing Your Identity to Find Yourself
    Why Fear Death?

    Why You No Longer Need to Fear Death — by Richard West

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    Dear Welles,

    This article is very similar to taking a path of renunciation. I've come to realize even my goals to shape life the way I see fit, while admirable, desirable and attainable are also derived from Ego which will one day face annihilation. While I am here, I will strive for my loftier goals of health and spiritual liberation(as the indwelling Spirit within has come to see it). These are callings no one else will define, even if we tread similar paths.

    I am still not ready to go. It's time to get ready.

    As we come face to face with the great no thing- I pray we dissolve in Peace.

    The time to leave this physical shell and the identity we've assumed draws near. What is time to an Almighty God?


    Thank you friend.
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  3. #163 These ‘End-Of-Life Doulas’ Are Guiding People Peacefully To Their Death 
    When we typically hear the term doula, we either think ‘what the heck is that?’, or we may already know that a doula is a trained professional who assists in a more natural process of childbirth, usually in the home.

    So essentially, a ‘death doula’ is virtually the opposite: someone who assists a person who has a terminal illness, as well as helping that person’s friends, family members and even animals come to terms with the fast approaching morality that we will all face one day.

    In the world of mainstream medicine, doctors themselves don’t offer much to people who are on their deathbed, especially on an emotional level. Family members and friends are often left in the dark as to how they are supposed to cope with the knowledge that their loved one will pass. They are rarely given methods through which they can talk candidly about their loved one’s inevitable death, and therefore this topic is often not discussed, which can make it much more difficult to process for the person who is dying and for everyone who is close to them.
    These ‘End-Of-Life Doulas’ Are Guiding People Peacefully To Their Death — by Alanna Ketler

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  4. #164 A Mother’s Dying Message: What Matters Most Is the Love We Give — by Cameron Connelly 
    I felt her grip on my hand. Still I babbled on, “You didn't get a chance to live your life. There's so much you didn't accomplish.” At that moment, she squeezed the blood from my hand, then relaxed her hold. I knew to be silent. She told my brothers and sister to move in closer. She had something that needed to be heard, and she wanted to see everyone's faces.

    “Listen. When I hear the word “accomplish,” I do think of my life, but not the things I haven't done. Look around this room. Look at what I’ve created. I have no disappointment, no regret. Sure I would have enjoyed writing and traveling, but they certainly wouldn't have defined who I am. I picked the greatest partner and took on the hardest job in the world.”

    She took a deep breath and resumed, “Just witnessing how wonderfully you've all turned out, the bonds you’ve built, and the love you share with your own families, I am filled with a pride that only a mother could know. So please, please, don't look back on me as having a life unfulfilled. Right here, in front of me, is the greatest accomplishment of all.”
    A Mother’s Dying Message: What Matters Most Is the Love We Give — by Cameron Connelly

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