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Thread: One Liners from the Urantia Book (OK sometimes two-liners)

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    "Man's mentality far transcends that of his animal cousins, but it is his moral and religious natures that especially distinguish him from the animal world."

    16:7.1 (192.8


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    "The God-knowing soul dares to say, 'I know,' even when this knowledge of God is questioned by the unbeliever who denies such certitude because it is not wholly supported by intellectual logic."

    102:6.5 (1124.7)


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    "Early evolution is characterized by the survival of the biologically fit, but later civilizations are the better promoted by intelligent co-operation, understanding fraternity, and spiritual brotherhood."

    71:5.3 (805.3)


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    "Spirit beings do not dwell in nebulous space; they do not inhabit ethereal worlds; they are domiciled on actual spheres of a material nature, worlds just as real as those on which mortals live."

    14:2.1 (154.3)


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    "That which the enlightened and reflective human imagination of spiritual teaching and leading wholeheartedly and unselfishly wants to do and be, becomes measurably creative in accordance with the degree of mortal dedication to the divine doing of the Father's will."

    132:7.9 (1467.5)

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    "The true pattern of temporal civilization is the mirror reflection of the eternal order of heaven."

    Confucianism, 94:6.10 (1034.5)


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    "The impulse of friendship transcends all convictions of duty, and the service of a friend for a friend can never be called a sacrifice."

    180:1.6 (1945.3)


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