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Thread: One Liners from the Urantia Book (OK sometimes two-liners)

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    "The personal touch of the Original and Eternal Son passes on down through a series of decreasingly divine and increasingly human personalizations until there arrives a being much like yourselves, one you can see, hear, and touch. And then you are made spiritually aware of the great truth which your faith may grasp - sonship with the eternal God!"

    40:5.1 (445.2)

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    "Conscience is not a divine voice speaking to the human soul ... it simply represents the humanly conceived ideal of reaction in any given set of circumstances."

    92:2.6 (1005.2)

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    "The whole scheme of living existences on the worlds of space is centered in the divine purpose of elevating all will creatures to the high destiny of the experience of sharing the Father's Paradise perfection."

    2:2.5 (36.3)

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    "The executive branch of the supergovernment originates in the realms of perfection; the legislative branch springs from the flowering of the evolutionary universes."

    15:11.1 (179.11)

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