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Thread: One Liners from the Urantia Book (OK sometimes two-liners)

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    "Greater love no man can have than this: that he would be willing to lay down his life for his friends-and Jesus had such a love that he was willing to lay down his life for his enemies, a love greater than any which had hitherto been known on earth."

    188:5.7 (2018.6)


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    "Prayer is a part of the divine plan for making over that which is into that which ought to be."

    144:4.9 (1620.16)


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    "There is a direct attractiveness of a spirit nature between spiritually minded persons of like tastes and longings. The term kindred spirits is not wholly a figure of speech."

    7:1.6 (82.5)


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    "You have unwittingly read the truth when your eyes rested on the statement 'A day is as a thousand years with God, as but a watch in the night.' One Paradise-Havona day is just seven minutes, three and one-eighth seconds less than one thousand years of the present Urantia leap-year calendar."

    14:1.12 (153.3)


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    "Service-more service, increased service, difficult service, adventurous service, and at last divine and perfect service-is the goal of time and the destination of space."

    28:6.17 (316.4)


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    "All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led; that is, subordinated to truth, ennobled by love, dominated by mercy, and restrained by fairness - justice."

    Jesus, 155:6.11 (1732.4)


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