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Thread: Notes from the Universe — by Mike Dooley

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    TUT - A Note from the Universe

    The great thing about feeling deep, profound, earthshaking love, Welles, is that you can start with anyone.

    .....The Universe

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    TUT - A Note from the Universe

    Oh yeah, Welles, I forgot to tell you...

    You get as many "do-overs" as you like. Of course, you never know you're living a "do-over" until it's over.

    There are lots of reasons for wanting a "do-over." Most of all, people want another chance to do things they were afraid to do the first time, and to say things they were afraid to say. Oddly enough, it's not their mistakes they want to rework, but their "unused" minutes.

    Yeah, pretty nifty, but you should know that it isn't any easier the next time, and because no two ever go exactly the same, the gifts, opportunities, and loves of one never appear the same way again.

    So all in all, it's better to live as if there are no "do-overs," so that you won't need one. But I thought I'd share this with you anyway to work in the bits about fear, mistakes, and how precious today's opportunities really and truly are.

    Crafty as a fox,
    .....The Universe

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    TUT - A Note from the Universe

    Some people are happiest, Welles, when they have something to be unhappy about.

    I say, let them be “happy.”

    Not you,
    .....The Universe

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    TUT - A Note from the Universe

    The thing about making it big and doing it fast, Welles, is that invariably the first steps will be small and slow.

    Which oddly, for too many, is reason not to take them.

    You know better, huh?
    .....The Universe

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