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Thread: Topic: Freedom — started by Welles

  1. #81 Please Put on Your Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others — by Gary Z McGee 
    In the crashing plane of an unhealthy culture, healthy people place the oxygen mask on themselves first.

    The Oxygen Mask is a metaphor that represents health: healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul. The crashing plane is a metaphor that represents an unhealthy, unsustainable culture.

    Oxygen is life, literally. Metaphorically, oxygen represents health. Figuratively, it represents freedom. And becoming healthy and free is the fastest way to reach the point where you can distinguish invalid human opinion from valid Universal Law. You must be capable of this distinction before you can decide what to do about the crashing plane.

    But first, oxygen. First, health. First, freedom. First, self-empowerment. These are paramount. Without these there is nothing.
    Please Put on Your Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others — by Gary Z McGee

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  2. #82 The one-man revolution (the only one that’s coming) — by David Gross 
    TODAY, instead of dredging up something from the archives about historical tax resistance campaigns and movements, I want to spend some time looking at individual tax resistance in service of what Ammon Hennacy called the “one-man*revolution.”

    Whether Hennacy got the name from Frost’s poem, or Frost from him, or whether each came up with it independently, I don’t know. The idea goes back much further than either, and in particular is especially pronounced in Thoreau’s thinking.

    This idea is that, contrary to what the organizers of the world are always telling us, the key to curing society’s ills is not necessarily to organize at all. You don’t need a majority, or a critical mass, or a disciplined revolutionary vanguard. Just get your own house in order and commit yourself to your own personal revolution — that’s the most crucial and practical thing you can do.

    “One-man revolution” is the answer to the question posed by radicals and reformers who feel overwhelmed by the task ahead. “What can one person do?” they ask (half-hoping, I suspect, that the answer will be “nothing, so don’t sweat it”). They think the revolution that will finally put things right is scheduled for later — when the masses see the light… when a crisis comes… when we find a charismatic leader… when we unite the factions under one banner… when… when… when…

    The one-man revolutionary says: no, the revolution starts here and now. Your first task as a revolutionary is to overturn the corrupt, confused, puppet governor of your own life and to put a more responsible sovereign in its place.
    The one-man revolution (the only one that’s coming) — by David Gross

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  3. #83 Self ownership: true or false? — by Ken Bartle 
    The notion of self ownership gains more traction in our minds as the battle for human independence versus authoritarian statism intensifies. Countless advocates of individual sovereignty prize the concept of self ownership very highly. Many authors have championed the idea that self ownership aught to be self evident and that we aught to take it for granted. Here, I want to challenge that premise. I want to offer a different viewpoint for your earnest consideration, and by so doing, hopefully, awaken your mind to an alternative way of thinking about self, identity, rights and autonomy.

    One vital question is in order

    Let me begin with a recent article from Jeffrey A. Tucker entitled “What Self-Ownership Means and Why It Matters.”

    Tucker’s opening sentence raises a vital question. He says—

    I’ve been thinking about this idea of self-ownership, a concept almost universally assumed to be a foundation for human rights and the civilized life. At the same [time?], this idea is constantly threatened by political ideologies that presume it not to be true. — Jeffrey A. Tucker
    Self ownership: true or false? — by Ken Bartle

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  4. #84 False Identity, or the real you? — by Ken Bartle 
    False identity denies the real you, but let’s begin with what is well known. Increasingly, people are becoming aware the world is collapsing in on itself as the result of actions by so called ‘globalists.’ Most people firmly believe this problem needs to be addressed and quickly. How, exactly? Do they know what the real problem is? For 99.9% of the world’s population, either the wrong political party is in power, the banks are in control, or we need to give more service to others and less to self; or all the above. Legions are devoted to overturning these symptoms, all believing that if their solution was implemented, humanity would experience a global conscious awakening and enter a golden age.

    All have missed the cause. None deal with, or attempt to overthrow humanities enslavement through false identity.

    In most every country on earth, if not all, you are deemed by law to be a person, a citizen, or legal entity beholden to the state. All reference and claim to living flesh and blood is denied. You are the victim of a false identity and no political party change, banking change, or service to others will alter that fraudulent (enforced by law and guns) condition.
    False Identity, or the real you? — by Ken Bartle

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