Words into Prayers

Strange how technology allows us to follow a storm approaching land
Yet doesn’t contain the potential for us to extend a helping hand
The only thing I CAN do is send my prayers to those who are in her path
And watch how all the media can track her as she unleashes her wrath
While those in the paths of fire are fleeing in the face of those mighty flames
While others are miss-placed by earthquakes and my rational mind wants to blame
The wealthy and the greedy who have disrespected our sacred planet
While each of us use her up, as we take all her resources for granted
No matter how many poems I write extolling this woeful tale
They have no power to quench the flames or to lessen the mighty gale
So let these words turn into prayers to be carried on the winds up high
Bringing some faith to balance the fear as they wait for the storm to draw nigh