This is a long read article on one persons intelligent attempt to make their way through the world when they embrace a spiritual/mystical side that leads them to believe in a form of anarchism. Here are two essential little snippets.

On Anarchism
At its core, anarchism states that creativity and self-organization will always lead to better societal arrangements than the arbitrary commands of disconnected technocrats. Concentrating power at the top of the pyramid will unequivocally lead to the capture of the democratic process and a tyranny of plutocratic rule.

On Mysticism

What is mysticism and why does it elicit such derisive reactions? For scientific materialists, the very word signifies an unacceptable negative: ‘unknowledge.’ At its simplest level, mysticism is the belief that our material reality goes beyond the ‘observable’ phenomena around us. It recognizes that the world of three dimensions and five senses is limited to exactly those confines. We can therefore never truly understand all of the complexities of the universe with our rational minds.“

Mystical Anarchism: A Journey to the Borderlands of Freedom — by Alnoor Ladha