“Stoicism is, at its root, a philosophy for minimizing the negative emotions in your life and maximizing your gratitude and joy; it includes mindfulness practices and value-based living. Stoicism is a tool to amplify your human experience, both internally and externally. In this article, I’ll share some of the ways that Stoics think by explaining the meaning behind some of their most famous practitioner’s quotes. By incorporating some of their thought processes into our daily lives, I believe we’ll find more joy in our daily duties and respond more resiliently to troubles and challenges that arise.“

The author discusses these topics...

“Principle 1: You can’t change things outside of your control, but you can change your attitude.Principle

2: Don’t fall prey to modern society’s materialistic nature.Principle

3: Picture life without the people and possessions you have to truly appreciate them.Principle

4: Be genuinely cheerful in all your interactions.Principle

5: Practicing your values beats preaching them.“

5 Stoic Principles For Modern Life: Applying An Ancient Philosophy To The 21St Century
— by Matt Jongbloet