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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #181 Where Am I?Where Am I? 
    Where Am I?

    “As you take your resting time, be aware of what is going on around you. Is there chaos, anger and a general craziness or is there peace, kindness and love? Just for today; take stock in the energy you are choosing to sit in and be around. Ask yourself;

    “Is this making my life better or worse?”

    “Is it creating loving or loathing feelings?”

    “Do I need to move myself to a more peaceful space?”

    Please keep in mind that no one else can do this for you, it is an inside job. If you do not like where you are sitting or standing…move! You have the tools, knowledge and experience, use it!“ (Smiling) ~ Creator

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  2. #182 Communication 

    "You have your beliefs, others have theirs. You can debate all day long, there still may be no resolution to conflicting ideals and that is perfectly okay. (Smiling) What feels true and just to the heart will always differ from person to person. It is important to remember to keep respect in the equation. You may not agree on a particular point but listening and understanding is key. This is respect! Allowing yourself to maintain your beliefs, whatever they may be, and letting others have theirs is fundamental in communication. If you are not hearing, you are not communicating." ~ Creator

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  3. #183 Always Listening... 
    Always Listening...

    "One of the most misunderstood terms on your Earth plane today is “awakened”. There seems to be a stigma attached to it; it is scoffed at and others are made fun of because they use it. However, when you understand the true meaning, things change a bit. (Smiling)

    Being awakened simply means that you have opened yourself up to and are finally willing to accept The Universe’s Unconditional Love for you. With each passing moment, Creator’s voice becomes stronger and clearer, giving rise to opportunities of conversation rather than supplication. Darling one, it is time to start having the conscious exchange for which you have been longing. The Universe is always listening!" ~ Creator
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  4. #184 Becoming Real 
    Becoming Real

    "Dearest ones, it is time to get real…with yourself and with others. The time of living behind a mask or a facade are over. Beginning to live without this type of ‘protection’ may be daunting at first but, with practice, it can become as easy as breathing. Those around you may not understand it at first and this is okay. Just take each moment as it comes and all will be well." ~ Creator

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  5. #185  
    I very much feel in tune with this last piece. Becoming real, for me, has been shedding the unwanted idiosyncrasies and speaking boldly those things which I truly believe in. It is very much a process, not an instant transformation since there are years of bad habits to discard. It is a practice and all is well. I think what matters is the Spirit that continually tries to steer its course back to God through it all. And so I am reminded of this,
    "A successful person isn't successful because he doesn't fail, he is successful because he doesn't quit."
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  6. #186 The Real Truth… 
    The Real Truth…

    "A gentle yet very important reminder…when speaking your truth, take some time to think if your truth is coming from the highest source. If you are speaking your truth to hurt, wound or unsettle others, then it is not from The Universe, but from ego. Speaking ‘truth’ that harms is but a mere projection of what you need to work on or are hiding from yourself. Divine truth springs from pure intent, pure thought and pure love. Give yourself and others the chance to experience this beautiful gift." ~ Creator

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  7. #187 Practice, Practice 
    Practice, Practice

    "As you receive your upgrades, a bit of your ‘old self’ may come out as a means of self-protection. One of the things you need to remember is that everyone is experiencing their own version of this and will respond in different ways. Again, practicing your new skills may be necessary.

    Instead of ‘popping off at the mouth’, take a moment to think about how you want to act/react then ask yourself, ‘Is what I am about to do/say going to serve anyone but me?” If the answer is no, then it is your signal to choose another path. (Smiling)

    As ever-expanding beings of light practicing compassion and kindness, this is your chance for more growth and learning. Do not let it pass you by, dear one." ~ Creator

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  8. #188 Oh, The Reality! 
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    Oh, The Reality!

    Some tough realities may be coming at you hard and fast. What you thought would be or could be has changed in the blink of an eye, leaving you spinning and unable to find your center. When you find yourself in the middle of one of these all-consuming experiences, please remember this; The Universe has always had a plan for you. Yes, there is free will and the ability to choose an infinite number of paths, but there has always been an end result set up and waiting for you. How you get there has always been up to you.

    Listening when you are in the throes of a trying time is not always easy, but it can be done. Even though it may be challenging; ask for clarity, remember to breathe and know The Universe is there to support and love you while offering another perspective. ~ Creator

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  9. #189 Speaking Truth To Your Heart 
    Speaking Truth To Your Heart

    "There is a lot of information from many different sources in your world right now. Some will resonate with you and others will have a dissonance. Some will speak the truth to your heart and some will not. In seeking your truest path, practice discernment. It is best to listen to and ‘follow your gut’…move toward what feels right to you. Accept or deny, it has always been your choice!" ~ Creator

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  10. #190 Play 

    "Where has your play time gone? My dearest, with all the hard work you have been putting in, there also needs to be an equal amount of play because it is vital to the health of your soul. Instead of stuffing the playful you, let him/her out! Sing, dance, draw, really laugh out loud, roll in the grass, blow bubbles, swim, enjoy your human body! There is nothing childish about play…it is a part of your nature. In denying play-time, you are denying a beautiful part of existence and why you chose to be here. Give yourself this wonderful gift!" ~ Creator

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