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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

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    "Undoubtedly, you have heard of the upcoming ‘event’ and the changes it will bring. Many of the thoughts being put out to your world are interesting,
    postulating finite numbers of those that will be affected or ‘allowed’ to move forward, those that will not…a very rapture like scenario. The Universe would like you to know that all is full of love! Regardless of who you are, what you are doing or who you choose to be with, this new change will be of love! Fear-based thinking is the old way. Lighten your heart and know that you are loved, protected and safe during this moment of change." ~ Creator

    (This will be the last of Jennifer's offerings I'll be posting. I would encourage you to sign up for her daily bit of cosmic/Divine wisdom and encouragement. I've found them to be consistently uplifting.WG)
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  2. #162 Listen To Your Gut 
    Listen To Your Gut

    "Another gentle reminder; it is very important to remember that your thoughts and feelings play a very important part in your time on your Earth plane. With that being said, an almost infinite amount of information at your fingertips and you can study the ongoing shift from many different perspectives. Each will have their own take on what is going on…whether it be positive, negative or somewhere in between. You are being invited to view each with your heart and a discerning eye. If you feel what you are reading is fear-based, move on to another course of study. If what you are reading resonates with you, then stick with it. If Unconditional Love is a main part of your ‘operating system’, your gut will always guide you to what is best for you." ~ Creator

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  3. #163 Dra-maaaa! 

    "Here is a question for you; how much drama do you, personally, create in a day? Whether it be complaining about a co-worker or friend, bringing up resentments from the past or believe your life could be different ‘if only…” ?

    This is your light bulb moment for today…you create! You can choose to which direction you go, how to be in your every-day life and how loving you can be. Drama is created to distract you from the task at hand, to switch your focus from doing your own inner-work and moving forward. The Universe understands that not all drama is created by you, however, there are moments when you are given the choice to participate or not. You can choose to stray or stay on your own path. Allow yourself the gift of choice; be who others want you to be or be who you truly are." ~ Creator

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  4. #164 A Road Never Traveled 
    A Road Never Traveled

    "Many of you have expressed concern about the new wave approaching…that it will be stronger, more uncomfortable or more challenging. Although the next phase of this shift may be challenging, it will have a different feel to it. Each piece of this ‘upgrade’ is designed to bring you more knowledge and information. So, rather than anticipating a worst-case scenario, know that you will be receiving what is in your highest and best for the highest and best. You are on a road that has never been traveled before…this amazing time in human history is yours! Instead of viewing it with trepidation, see it as a beautiful reminder of how far you have come and how much further you will grow!" ~ Creator

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  5. #165 Time To Move Forward 
    Time To Move Forward

    "A reminder; you decide how you feel, think, act, learn and grow! It can be very easy to blame others for your feelings, to say they were not created within…but by some force outside yourself. One of the most important lessons you will learn on your Earth plane is to take responsibility for them.

    Yes, there may have been challenging situations in your past that may have generated those feelings for self-protection, however, during this great time of change a shift in perception is desperately needed by all. Wearing a “victim badge” that no longer serves you will hinder your growth.

    The rest periods between great leaps of consciousness are given to you for a reason; to recognize, honor and release the things you no longer need. It is imperative that you do this! My beautiful child, it is time to move forward! Are you coming?!" ~ Creator

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  6. #166 The Slow Burn 
    The Slow Burn

    "As quiet as it may seem, there is much going on behind the scenes. You may be compelled to move things along, to push through the ‘slow burn’ that is going on now because you are anxious for the next great leap forward. The Universe would like to remind you…events will and are happening for a reason, at the perfect moment for the perfect outcome. As challenging as it may be, allow Divine Timing to take the lead; the outcome will be exactly what is intended." ~ Creator

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  7. #167 The Next Phase 
    The Next Phase

    "By now, you have noticed that your Earth plane is in the next phase of this wonderfully massive shift. Many emotions have been coming up to be cleared and you may feel weary and worn out. Take heart, dearest child; the work you are putting in now will have benefits for phases that have yet to arrive. This information is known to you, but bears repeating both as a reminder and to make sure it is a part of your conscious awareness…

    Genuinely express and practice compassion for yourself and others. If there is no compassion, there can be no true understanding.

    Breathe! Overwhelmed seems to be the ‘order of the day’ with this shift. It is best to be mindful of it, so you can stay centered in peace and calm.

    Practice transparency. The further along you move into the new ways of being, the more challenging it will be to hide behind untruths. Untruths have become (and will continue to be) glaringly obvious in your daily life. Astounding, is it not? (Smiling)

    Be kind…to yourself and others. Regardless of who or what you are dealing with daily, the need for kindness will be paramount! This goes hand in hand with compassion. Kindness shows that you are truly listening and understanding what is going on around you.

    Remember to play! There is quite a bit of ‘heavy lifting’ going on now and play is one of the keys to releasing stress and anxiety. Color with crayons, dance, find a playground swing, sing, enjoy or create music. You know how to… give yourself permission to be and enjoy being child-like again.

    Finally, rest! In your busy world, finding a quiet time and space to rest may be challenging, but it is very necessary for your emotional health while you are shifting. Yes, the dishes and laundry can wait. Your well-being is more important!

    As always, The Universe is by your side loving and assisting you every step of the way." ~ Creator

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  8. #168 Be The Light 
    Be The Light

    "The growth and learning process you are engaged in now is an amazing one. Like a deaf child hearing their parent’s voices for the first time, some may be surprising and/or a little frightening, but the joy of the experience will far outweigh your initial reaction. This is where practice comes into play.

    For those of you that have been awake for some time, this is your opportunity to guide and assist those ‘suddenly aware’ of their gifts and talents. Treat them with respect and patience. Treat them as you would want to be treated. It may be a very confusing time for them; judgement, ego and negative personal issues have no place. Allow yourself to be the light for them you may not have had at your beginning." ~ Creator

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  9. #169 Listen With An Open Heart 
    Listen With An Open Heart

    "As challenging as it may be, keep your heart open! Many things will ‘come at you’, testing your strength and fortitude, but keep your heart open. Some may betray the love you give but, please, keep your heart open! It is the receiver of the voice of The Universe, your direct connection to The Divine. When the heart is disconnected, there is no way to hear what is being relayed to you. As you step boldly into your new world, listening to the guidance provided will assist in your growth and learning. Are you listening?" ~ Creator

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  10. #170 Misunderstood? 

    "Here is a thought for you to ponder today; some of the most beautiful art, music, architecture and writing were created by some of the most misunderstood humans on your planet. The painters and poets, musicians and theologians were all misinterpreted and thought ‘crazy’ in their respective times. So, in those moments when you feel that others do not understand you, take heart! Those still sleeping or on the verge of awakening may not comprehend what you are saying and doing, but one day they will. Until then, rest easy in the knowledge that you are loved and respected by The Universe." ~ Creator

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