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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #201 Give A Little… 
    Give A Little…

    A gentle reminder; from now until the end of the year, kindness and compassion are going to be your most valuable assets. Being able to demonstrate these traits to those around you will increase your ability to extend them to yourself. This does not mean you are surrendering the right to defend yourself when needed but, The Universe is asking you to be understanding of those who are working (just as you are) toward becoming a better person. Sometimes, it takes more than a little practice! (Smiling) As you move through your daily existence, do you best to show your world what it will be like when you all give each other the respect that is so richly deserved. ~ Creator

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  2. #202 Do Not Give Up 
    Do Not Give Up

    One of the greatest things you will ever do for yourself is to heal wounds from the past. It does not make a difference how, just that it is done. It may require you to get ‘down and dirty’, to shift your perceptions of the world or change some very basic principles of your life. You are being reminded that you do not have to do on your own. Create a support system (if you do not already have one in place), seek out like-minded individuals or engage in activities that soothe and comfort the soul. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You are like no other and, with that said, you have a right to choose what is best for you! (Smiling) Rest assured that, as the ‘deep darks’ are released, you will be reacquainting yourself with a sense of freedom you once knew but forgot along the way. Do not give up, dear one! You are worthy and deserving of this gift! ~ Creator

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