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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #211 Express Yourself 
    Express Yourself

    "If you find yourself being ‘cast out’ because you choose to voice your opinions, feelings and thoughts, do not let it bother you. Some may feel you are spreading negativity. You may have people in your circle that look to you to be the bright light you have always been to them, therefore, it is your ‘job’ to quell the flames, do the opposite of what you are feeling in the moment…keep it quiet, keep it private, do not let anyone know. Does that sound familiar?!

    Yet another gentle reminder; it is important to express negative emotions so you can get back to the good ones. The Universe does not bemoan this. It is a release, it can be necessary and you may not be able to fully recognize your light without also acknowledging the dark. The important part is to move through the moment and do not let it linger! Respect each of your emotions and feelings regardless of how they present themselves. This is one of the reasons you chose to be human…to express yourself!" ~ Creator

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  2. #212 Right Way? 
    Right Way?

    "Many people will have opinions on what path you should be walking. There may be times when you do not trust yourself and feel the need ask others their thoughts while disregarding your own. You may receive very strong direction from The Universe and choose to second guess yourself. This is a part of being human! (Smiling) It takes practice to be able to hear and understand those messages. Embrace the fact that each of you has your own way of deciphering. One way is not better than the other and no one carries ‘exclusive’ information. The best thing to do is listen to your heart, it will always show you what is perfect for you!" ~ Creator

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