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Thread: Guidance Recieved by Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn

  1. #31 Put Your Whole Faith And Trust In Me and Know That My Ways Are Perfect 
    Put Your Whole Faith And Trust In Me and Know That My Ways Are Perfect
    No decision is too difficult or too complicated when you place all in My hands. But when you have chosen to do this, then you must be willing to follow My instructions to the letter and watch My perfect plan unfold. My ways are very, very strange at times but put your whole faith and trust in Me and know that My ways are perfect and great will be the wonders which will come forth for those who do My will. Be not afraid, take My hand and you shall overcome all fears, all weaknesses and know that all is indeed very, very well and working out according to My plan.

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  2. #32 Simply DO It 
    Simply DO It

    Be still and in the stillness feel your consciousness expand, feel yourself rise far above all earthly contacts into the realms of the Spirit. Each time you become still you will find you are able to do this. Practice it more and more often. Cease driving yourself and take time to be alone with Me. This renewing of the spirit is far more important than any job that has to be done because when you are right inside, you will be right outside and will be able to do everything in the right spirit. These are vitally important lessons for every soul to learn and put into practice. Never waste time saying you must try and do it, simply DO it and see what a difference it will make to your whole life and living. All these are such simple lessons to learn and yet how few really put them into practice and live them all the time - and yet this is the only way to live a full and glorious life and find perfect peace of heart and mind. Never put off until tomorrow what you know you should do today. Be a doer, not just a talker. When action needs to be taken, take it.

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  3. #33 Be Ever On The Alert, Ready For Anything To Happen At Any Time 
    Be Ever On The Alert, Ready For Anything To Happen At Any Time

    Never speculate but be ever on the alert and ready for anything to happen at any time. You are living in strange and wonderful times when things can happen very suddenly and without any warning, therefore do not be caught unawares. I have told you many times there are no "off times" in this life. You a must be on the alert day and night, every day of the week. Every day is a holy day, no day is different from another. Live a life of constant prayer, which means being in communion with Me all the time; that is praying without ceasing.

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  4. #34 Your Steps Will Be Light And Joy Will Radiate From You 
    Your Steps Will Be Light And Joy Will Radiate From You

    If you feel a blockage in your life, go deep within and find out what it is you are holding back, what it is you are unwilling to give up for Me. Find out exactly where your security lies. Is it in the things of the world or the things of the Spirit? Only you can do your own sorting and sifting, only you know what you are holding out on and what is stopping you from advancing spiritually. Only you know whether your motives are pure. And as you are the only one who really knows what goes on within, only you can do something about it.

    Your steps will be light and joy will radiate from you because you are at last free of all that has been holding you back and can now do My will and walk in My ways without a care in the world, for you have sought and found the true freedom of the Spirit. You shall be as free as the wind when you have learnt to cast all your cares upon Me and have accepted My love and forgiveness and know the wonder of that freedom.

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  5. #35 Take Time To Be Still Until You Find A Sense Of Peace And Serenity 
    Take Time To Be Still Until You Find A Sense Of Peace And Serenity

    Be consciously aware of My presence at all times no matter where you are or what you are doing. Take time to be still until you find a sense of peace and serenity. Then and only then come forth, bring light and love and harmony with you. Only you can do something about this complete change of heart and attitude, nobody else can do it for you. A chick has to do its own work breaking out of its shell, a chrysalis has to do its own work breaking out of its old skin to emerge as a new being. So each soul has to do its own part in moving into the Light, into the New; nobody else can do it for them. So seek within for that change of heart, seek and seek until you find it. Then lift up your heart in deep, deep gratitude and rejoice. Give eternal thanks and never look back.

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  6. #36 Seek And Find That Peace Which Deep Within 
    Seek And Find That Peace Which Deep Within

    This is indeed the time of the great awakening of humankind. More and more souls are beginning to stir, are beginning to search and wonder about life and the true meaning of it. It is this awakening which is causing great unrest and even chaos, for many are not satisfied with what they see and realize they will have to seek deeper, ever deeper, that they need to do a great deal of changing. The things which they have taken for granted all their lives now have to go and be replaced by something new. This interim period of change is extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant for the new and the old are warring against each other. You will see these changes taking place in individuals, in countries and in nations all over the word. The unrest everywhere can be plainly seen and felt; it is like living on the very edge of a volcano, which is ready to erupt any moment.

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  7. #37 Do not expect anyone else to do your spiritual work for you 
    Do not expect anyone else to do your spiritual work for you –
    Dig deep and you will surely find the treasure

    There is so much in life you simply accept. Just look around you: you lift your hand, touch a switch and the room is filled with light. You turn a tap and a glass is filled with water. You press a button and a voice comes over the ethers, you press another button and you see pictures which have come over the ethers. You never stop every time you make these simple actions to think how these things work; you simply do them as an act of faith. So with life eternal; accept it without trying to work it all out. It is all so simple, it is the mind that tries to complicate matters. Become as a little child and accept My wonders and My truths as Fact; they are there for all to accept. It’s as simple as touching a light switch and using the power of electricity to bring light into a darkened room. Learn to use all My good and perfect gifts daily, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, until they become the whole of your life and living, until you are aware that they are indeed the very breath of life and every breath you breathe you are aware of Me, of Life Eternal, and so live a full and glorious life reflecting Me in everything.

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  8. #38 Plunge Right In 
    Plunge Right In

    It is by your own efforts you find the true meaning of life. You have to do your own spiritual work. You have to do your own spiritual findings deep within. Never rely on someone else to do your findings for you. There are no shortcuts in this spiritual life. You cannot find it through anyone else. You may be led along a certain path and helped by a teacher, master, guru or guide, but the time comes when that teacher etc. has to withdraw and has to leave you to go the rest of the way by yourself. This is where all you have learnt has to be put into practice, where self discipline is essential, where obedience may be a matter of life or death, where your faith has to be rock-like and unshakable. You must learn to see things clearly, know exactly where you are going and what you are doing and go right ahead and do it without any hesitation. Never be indecisive and stand on the brink and dither. Plunge right in when you have sought and found the answer and do what you know has to be done.

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  9. #39 I AM Love 
    I AM Love

    You can never love too much, for 
love is limitless so you can love and love and go on loving for all eternity and
 never tire of loving. When you stop and ponder on the words "I AM Love" you
 can feel the love growing in you like a mighty flame becoming greater and greater 
as you fan it with the desire to love as you have never loved before. You feel
 doors open as love flies in and pervades your whole being, shining in it and 
illumining your whole being. When you love, you draw all towards you, for you 
reflect Me, for I AM love. There can be no darkness and gloom where there is 
love. .My glorious Divine love. Love is never impatient, or intolerant. Love
 always builds on the best, on the positive, and never pulls apart and tries to
 destroy anything.

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  10. #40 It Only Takes A Tiny Spark To Light A Light 
    It Only Takes A Tiny Spark To Light A Light

    Never accept defeat over anything; simply know you can do something about it. Look for the way and it will open up for you. For example, the world situation looks very dark at times and you think how grim everything looks. But never leave it at that. Consider for a moment what you can do about it. Never feel that one small individual is hopeless amidst such chaos and confusion Seek within and become very, very still and find that infinite power within you. Then use that power and send it out into that dark and gloomy situation. Remember it only takes a tiny spark to light a light and you can be that tiny spark. When many tiny sparks unite in thought and prayer and send out to any situation, anything can happen, and believe it will happen.

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