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Thread: Guidance Recieved by Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn

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    There Are Many Facets To A Diamond

    Take time to be alone with Me, take time to expand your consciousness, take time to understand what is happening and brush nothing aside. There are many facets to a diamond and there are as many facets to My work and every facet is necessary. Therefore be willing to accept every facet as part of the universal whole and never close your heart and mind to something because you do not understand it yourself and find it difficult to accept. Be very flexible and open and see how every soul holds a tiny part of the overall plan in their hands when their lives are dedicated to Me and to My plan, and they seek to have their part revealed to them

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    Love, Love, Love

    The free flow of My universal love knows no discrimination, it is the same for each and everyone.

    Love is the greatest uniting factor in the universe, so love, love, love.

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    Harmony within will be reflected without. Life will flow smoothly and all will fall into place perfectly.

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