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Thread: Guidance Recieved by Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn

  1. #61 Be Yourself 
    Be Yourself

    Be yourself and do not try to be like anyone else. It takes all sorts to make a world. I do not want you all alike, like peas in a pod. I need you all different, each doing your specific job and playing your specific part, blending in perfectly with the whole. It does not mean that there need be any disharmony or discord because you are all different. There are many different musical instruments in a full orchestra, and each has its rightful place in the whole and blends perfectly when working in harmony with the whole. It is when individual souls go off on their own tangents with no thought or consideration for the whole that discord and chaos are created. When your heart is in the right place and you are living and working together for the good of the whole, only the very best will come forth. Therefore cease struggling and let go. All you have to do is to be, and let everything unfold.

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    You Are In This World to Bring Good Into It

    You are in this world to bring good into it. You are here to radiate love, light and wisdom to all those souls in need. You have work to do, and you can do this work only when you have sorted yourself out and can become one with the whole, when you no longer stand apart and criticise and separate yourself from the whole. Do you feel at one with all those souls around you? Do you feel at peace with the world, or are your thoughts conflicting, critical and destructive? Always remember, love, joy and happiness create the right atmosphere and draw all those souls of like mind together. So watch yourself, and start right now drawing only the very best to you. You can change your whole attitude and outlook in the twinkling of an eye. Why not do it? Get into tune with all life, and find that peace which passes all understanding.

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  3. #63 Always Be Aware of Me 
    Always Be Aware of Me

    As you move forward into the new, be consciously aware of me and of my divine presence at all times, and keep your mind stayed on me. It will help you to keep in a raised consciousness so that you can move forward without difficulty. Bring me into everything you do, say and think. Share your all with me. When you have nothing to hide, you know the true freedom of Spirit. I need you free so my wonders can unfold before you without anything in you to stop them. There is much waiting to unfold; it has only just begun.

    Imagine the wonders and beauties, undreamed of as yet, that are waiting to reveal themselves! It will be like stepping into a new world with new ways, new laws, new ideas. Keep your sights raised. Keep the vision of the new age ever before you. You will find yourself moving into it very naturally, and it will become part of you.

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  4. #64 Long to Do the Right Thing 
    Long to Do the Right Thing

    When you long to do the right thing and take the right path, you will do so. You must be strong to be able to withstand the temptations which may beset your way and recognise them for what they are. Every temptation overcome gives you a deeper inner strength and stability, making you able to face anything without wavering. My ways are very strange, but remember that I see the whole of the picture, whereas you only see such a small portion of it. I see all the actors in the play of life; you only see the ones nearest at hand. One by one I point the way to them, and they follow it and take their part in the whole vast overall plan; and so the plan unfolds in true perfection. Watch it unfold, and glory in the wonder of it. Accept it all with a full and grateful heart, and see my hand in all that is taking place.

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  5. #65 Keep Life Simple 
    Keep Life Simple

    Keep life as simple as possible and enjoy to the full the simple wonders and beauties which are there for all to share but which are often taken for granted. Be like a child, able to see and enjoy those little seemingly insignificant wonders in life: the beauty of a flower, the song of a bird, the glory of the sunrise, the rain drops trickling down a window pane.

    How simple and yet how truly beautiful they are when you look at them with eyes that really see and cease to rush through life in such a hurry that you fail to notice them!
    Do you see my wonders and beauties all around you? Or is your mind so full of the cares and worries of the day that you are blind and deaf and bowed down, and you see nothing for you are so wrapped up in yourself? Why not try today to keep ever aware of all that is going on around you?

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  6. #66 Be Steadfast And Hold Steady To The Middle Way 
    Be Steadfast And Hold Steady To The Middle Way

    Allow nothing to draw you off centre. Despite the many distractions be steadfast and hold steady to the middle way, and find perfect peace and contentment. Know where you are going, have absolute confidence that it is right and then go right ahead without hesitation and see the most amazing results come about and at great speed. But remember that when I give you specific instructions, see that they are carried out to the letter because only in this way can things work out smoothly and in true perfection.

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  7. #67 When You Are Ready To Accept ALL, All Is Yours 
    When You Are Ready To Accept ALL, All Is Yours

    Never for one instance say you are not worthy to receive My gifts. The sun shines on every soul alike. You can accept as much or as little of its warmth and light as you like; it is simply up to you. So it is with all My gifts; you are free to accept as many or as few depending on your openness and capacity. When you are ready to accept ALL, All are yours and you will see wonder upon wonder brought about in your everyday lives and living because nothing will be withheld from you. Accept all this as naturally as breathing because you are living by My Laws and doing my Will.

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    Put The Right Vibrations Into Everything

    When things become very busy outwardly and there is much to be done, you will all find it is very necessary every now and again to go away by yourselves quietly into sanctuary and find peace - of heart and mind, or to become re-orientated before once again going out to do what has to be done on the outer. Remember it is far more important to see that things are right deep within you before you tackle that which has to be done without, for all must be done with purest love and to My honour and glory so all is done perfectly and the right vibrations are put into everything.

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