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5-Step Mindful Listening Practice

1 Teachers choose a student in their class whose behavior confuses them in some way.
2 They tell this student that they are taking a class, they have an assignment and they need their help.
3 The assignment is to sit down with the child at a relaxed time and ask a series of fairly mundane questions such as, “What’s your favorite TV show?” and “Do you have any pets?”
4 As the teacher asks the questions, she listens mindfully with wholehearted attention and carefully writes down the answer to each question.
5 After she’s finished, she thanks the child for his or her help.

This exercise has produced dramatic changes in students and teacher-student relationships. For example, one kindergarten teacher chose a child who had not said a word in her class. Not only did the child not talk, she had not spoken a word for the whole previous school while in Head Start pre-K. Thinking that this child wouldn’t respond to questions, at first the teacher thought she shouldn’t choose her for this exercise. But, she decided to give it a try anyway. Astonishingly, the little girl started to talk. She became animated and even gregarious."

If you are involved with teaching children this article is most definitely worth reading.

Wholehearted Listening: How we listen affects how we are heard — by Tish Jennings