"I find myself blessed to be traveling out around the world meeting, and working with, evolving people in this great shift of consciousness taking place. Our lives are being challenged in the most profound of ways, in our careers, relationships and general living circumstances. Of course it will invoke fear: every reason why not to step forwards will arise, as you push the buttons of those around you. But this is not the time to hesitate. Your soul yearns for vibrant change, for a new harmonious reality at one with all life. How do you summon the courage to step boldly forwards?

The Road to Nowhere – to “Now Here”

Most people I meet on the road have previously lived their lives in this limiting conditioning of society – telling people what they should do, how they should think, what is ‘normal’ to consume, what they’re capable of, and what they’re not. We live in a logic based world that works on a complex system of rules – “If I do this, then I’ll get that. If I don’t obey the system, I won’t get the things I think I need and want”. It’s so tempting to tow the line and live ‘normal’ lives, based on those rules that become deeply ingrained within the psyche."

Open really does a great job of offering a technique for self-analysis. Do you really want to change? My point of view on this subject is simple. If you are reacting to 'security' you are afraid. The real change is from Fear to Love. It is tough to change. You have to confront the false chimera of your fear.

Are You Hungry for Change? – How to Find the Courage — by Open