David begins his thought with a tale of his inclination to binge eat potato chips in social gatherings and meanders on to a very profound discourse (with whimsy) on behavior modification. It is another brilliant article.

"The Ancient Art of Non-Participation

An ancient spiritual practice is what sparked my recent interest in mastering the powerful art of chip non-eating.

In a narrow sense, my goal over the holidays is to learn what it’s like to leave a nearby bowl of chips untouched. But this campaign in conscious chip non-eating is really a way of practicing a much more fundamental skill, one that makes life easier in virtually every area. Western Buddhism has a great word for it: renunciation.

Renunciation is one of ten trainable qualities known traditionally as the paramis (the others being generosity, resolve, patience, morality, effort, insight, loving-kindness, equanimity and truthfulness)."

The Joy of Opting Out — by David Cain