"What does being uneasy mean?

In short, being uneasy means you’ve stepped away from being your True Self. Who are you when you’re not your True Self? You’re then identified with your Persona, the “person” you created to deal with the expectations and demands of the physical world.

Being uneasy is a signal from your True Self to you to get yourself back in line with who you truly are. Being at ease is a signal that you are in line with who you truly are.

In this article I’m going to explain the difference between your True Self and your Persona, how being uneasy and at ease will help you navigate the two and what you can do to be at ease as often as you can.

But before I do, remember that it’s not a bad thing to feel uneasy. It’s not something that you’re doing “wrong” and that you need to “fix” yourself. You are already perfect just as you are. This is meant as a guide to help you get more insight in yourself as well as practical tips to help you feel at ease more often."

From Uneasiness to Ease. An In-Depth Guide. — by Carmen Smallegange