“You come to ask for my teaching, but your cup is already full. Before I can teach you, you’ll have to empty your cup.”
"So how to empty our cup? Our most powerful instrument of change is our attention. Whether we focus on listening to the inner or outer world, on observing the sensations in our body, or following the movement of our breathing, we are harnessing heavy-duty help. Attention is more powerful than any of us can imagine. It is the force that creates miracles.

But first it must be gathered, and unfortunately it has been spread out all over our world. In spite of our illusion that we are in control of it, our attention is caught like a butterfly in a net by every stimulus we meet. The power that could serve our aims and intentions is attracted by any and everything we see or hear or think or feel."

Here is an enlightening perspective on achieving the inner quiet necessary for real spiritual progress. You see, it does come from within.

Emptying Our Cup — by Patty de Llosa