I'm amazed how often those of us responding to the changes going on around us begin to focus on God, Creator or some notion of a universal consciousness. It is also the case that we each have a different point of view. For example Anna's refrences are very Biblical. I don't share those at all and yet the direction of our inner vision is remarkably similar.

"Those of you who have studied piano know that the keyboard is divided into sets of eight notes called "octaves". The first and last note of each octave is the same, simply resonating at a different frequency.

Similarly, there are Seven Covenants recorded in the Bible, analogous to the seven separate notes of the musical octave. The Eighth Covenant resonates with the First Covenant --- the Covenant of Adam and the Creation.

When we speak of a "New Earth" -- take it literally. It is a New Earth that resonates with the Earth of the First Covenant. We are in the Creation Cycle right now."

The Eighth Covenant — by Anna Von Reitz