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Thread: Anna Von Reitz posts on the truth of 'legal' issues

  1. #51 Moms of America — by Anna Von Reitz 
    When my Mother (born 1920) discovered what the Vermin had alleged against my sister and I and our children as a result of her signature on the hospital records, she wrote a scathing rebuttal and explained the source of the "misunderstanding" -- the failure of the perpetrators to fairly and fully disclose which "United States" they were talking about.

    She filed her Testimony on the land jurisdiction record and revoked her signature and her purported election to have herself or anyone in her family "considered to be" a federal citizen of any kind.

    Thus when the U.S. Attorney General comes to me and pretends that my Mother "gifted" me to their corporation, the opposite set of facts and counter-claim is already part of the international land jurisdiction record.

    And he can go blow.

    I shall never forget the look on my Mother's face when she understood what these Vermin have done. It was a look of sheer outrage, and I have felt it myself, because the same extortion and the same repugnant demands were made upon me by hospital personnel when my son was born.

    I repudiated them on the public record, too, and gave full testimony of how a huge male nurse and two female accomplices came to my hospital room which I paid for--- and demanded that I complete their paperwork, or they would seize my son and never let him come home from the hospital.

    This is what is going on in America. Unfortunately, it's going on all over the world. A giant crime syndicate has built this "system" and administered it via an interlocking trust directorate.
    Go straighten this mess out, Mothers of America!

    Moms of America — by Anna Von Reitz

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  2. #52 RFID? Beat Them With Their Own Stick. — by Anna Von Reitz 
    You can rely on the fact that Freedom of Religion will remain a rock solid guarantee, because if it were not: (1) they would face the possibility of governmental suppression and (2) they could face suppression against other religious groups that they are sheltering under and that would be bad for business.

    This then becomes your shield as well as theirs. And they can't take it away without exposing their own backsides and business interests.

    Now, here's how we apply it to the "Real ID" and the RFID chipping of people like cattle with ear tags:

    "I'm sorry, but the 'chipping' of living people is against my religion and dignity."

    RFID? Beat Them With Their Own Stick. — by Anna Von Reitz

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  3. #53 Paper Monsters — by Anna Von Reitz 
    The people who have done these evil things to Americans for the past 150 years, and to people worldwide for centuries, are criminals. It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with crime.

    It's just plain old garden variety crime: identity theft, credit theft, unlawful conversion, illegal securitization, kidnapping, human trafficking, press-ganging, conspiracy against the constitutions, personage, barratry, blackmail, fraud, false flag attacks, counterfeiting, impersonation, pedophilia, drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion, racketeering, mail fraud, enslavement, arson, murder, false witness, peonage, and treason -- among many, many other crimes that have been committed against the innocent people and countries of the world by corporations in the business of providing governmental services, banks, insurance companies, title companies (that shouldn't exist), armed services, regulatory agencies, and so on.

    Those hired and subscribed under Oath to serve the people have instead oppressed, cheated, enslaved and betrayed them. They have taken the saying, "The master is the servant." and turned it on its head: "The servant is the master."

    And they have tried to excuse their actions by saying, "We are a corporation and can't be held accountable for our actions."

    Oh, yes, they can.
    Paper Monsters — by Anna Von Reitz

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  4. #54 Pedigree of the IRS — by Anna Von Reitz 

    "They [the Internal Revenue Service/IRS] are in fact a collection agency for the Federal Reserve, because they do not collect any taxes for the U.S. Treasury. All funds collected [by the IRS working under color of law "as" a Treasury "Bureau" and collecting funds under false pretense as the funds are collected under what appears to be a Treasury presentment] are turned over to the Federal Reserve. If you have ever sent a check to the IRS, you will find that it was endorsed over to the Federal Reserve."

    "The Federal Reserve, in turn, deposits the money with the International Monetary Fund, an Agency of the United Nations (Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, page 816.) where it is filtered down to the International Development Association (see Treasury Delegation Order No. 91) which is part of the "International Bank for Reconstruction and Development" --- commonly known now as the World Bank."

    Bottom line --- the so-called "Internal Revenue Service" is not now and never has been a part of our government and has been deceitfully misrepresented as such by our British Territorial and Municipal United States subcontractors.

    At the bottom of the dog pile which progresses from the U.S. Treasury to the Federal Reserve to the IMF to the IBRD ---- we find what? Ah, the World Bank.
    Pedigree of the IRS — by Anna Von Reitz

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  5. #55 Status Report November 19, 2018 — by Anna Von Reitz 
    In 1868 they pulled an identity theft scheme, ran up debts against us under color of law, went bankrupt in 1907 and left us holding the bag for it.

    In 1933 they pulled an identity theft scheme, ran up debts against us under color of law, went bankrupt, and left us holding the bag for it.

    In 1934 they pulled an identity theft scheme, ran up debts against us under color of law, and as of January 1, 2016, went bankrupt and.....
    In my estimation Anna has the clearest perspective about the nature of the 'legal' frauds that are the underpinning of a totally bankrupt system, spiritually, morally and financially. Her perspective is well worth understanding. I'm not sure she has 'the answers' for the real issue of change begins with a spiritual sea-change that will be manifest in a new world. Nevertheless I find her work in this world to be exceptional.

    Status Report November 19, 2018 — by Anna Von Reitz

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  6. #56 Personal testimony from Candi Lee Liles about Anna's paperwork. 
    Here is a woman who did all of Anna's paperwork and what it did to stop attacks from the local establishment:

    Learn about the pertinent paperwork to become an American National rather than a U.S. Citizen from Anna's essays #928 and #560.
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