"Everybody alive today exists at the tip of Time’s arrow, at the pinnacle of Being, the highest summit of evolution.

This Present, in which we exist at each and every moment of our lives, happens to be the most advanced point of the most advanced age in humanity’s existence. Actually, this Present in which everything happens is always and permanently situated at this most advanced point. As one moment gives way to the next, it is replaced in turn with an infinite number of such endless present moments, all of which permanently reside at this forever recurring pinnacle of existence. Therefore, an equally amazing fact is that each and every human who has ever lived on this planet could also have thought of themselves as living at the pinnacle of evolution! Subsequently, every human who will exist in the future will again exist at their own present moment, which will also exist at the tip of Time’s arrow."

This is a point of view worthy of prolonged meditation. I had a far less eloquent but similar thought long ago... throughout history we all have thought we were 'modern'.

At the Tip of Time's Arrow — by Nicos Hadjicostis