"One of the great dilemmas of at our times is the question of how best to apply ourselves in the quest to change the world for the better. Where is our limited time and finite personal energy best spent if we wish to manifest a world free of corruption and ignorance?

Are we supposed to vote? To participate in the system in some civic way? Should we hit the streets protesting, or gang up and attack ideas we don’t like and disagree with? Can we change the world by arguing with others, or by constantly parroting a preferred version a reality to everyone we meet? By going to war at the behest of psychopaths?

Of course our attention is deliberately directed on to these arenas, but the answer to this question is deeply personal, as unique to each individual as is the eye’s iris. At its core, though, the quest to change the world begins with the crucial work of changing one’s self."

Confucius Tells You How To Change The World For The Better
— by Dylan Charles