This is an illuminating article about the reality of cultural influences which are effective brainwashing. Gilbert opens his stream of thought with an appreciation of analogies...

"God bless analogies…seriously. I mean, if it wasn’t that some themes in life are so analogous to every day objects or situations, some stuff would be so much harder to explain or get it in our heads. Well, truth be told, it is not that things are analogous per se, but it’s more like we have a magnificent pattern recognition engine between our ears. Anyway, I’m sure you get the gist of it.

I am always fascinated by how some of the best fitting analogies to how the human mind works can be found in the mainstream technology invented over the last hundred years. Like the radio tuner, the television and of course the personal computer. I used to think that creating such analogies, of something as complex and magnificent as the human mind to a personal computer or radio tuner, is a lame oversimplification but it isn’t. It’s a clever simplification and a fitting analogy to understand what would otherwise be a complicated and over-stretched concept.

An analogy I was pondering about lately is how our social conditioning and programming is very much akin to television channels or stations. There are different channels through which we are given information (or disinformation if you like), and through which we are conditioned or programmed to think, respond and behave in a certain way. Some people call this in a variety of other ways such as brainwashing, herd thinking and morality, collective trance, mass consumer consciousness, consensual reality, the hive mind, etc. There might be a common underlying theme to all of these concepts and I think it has to do with how we passively receive preset information through a given channel of communication – pretty much like watching T.V."

Flip through the channels & change the program- Duh! — by Gilbert Ross