In a sense this isn't about children. In a larger context it is a message that growing up is losing the child-like capacity to dream. In this light is for parents, non-parents, children and all their dreams.

When was the last time you have followed your intuition? The last time you fulfilled your dreams and freed your instincts? We live in a society that dictates us what we should or should not do. We live in a world that knows too many boundaries and limits our imagination. To create, develop, extend, innovate, we must let go – let go of fear, doubts, or panic. We must accept what happens in our lives and realize there is no way to change it.

Walt Disney once said, “Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.” And look what he’s created – a world full of magic, creativity, and love. As cliché as it might sound, believing in our dreams means letting go of everything that stops us from letting go.

Pursuing our dreams should not be something out of the ordinary. We should listen to ourselves and follow our hearts. If you’ve always wanted to become an artist, become an artist. If you’ve always wanted to fly to the moon, fly to the moon. Nothing is stopping you from reaching your purpose! Look at children – they believe they’re able to do anything. And they can do anything; but that’s because they believe it.

Now look at you – can you believe you can follow your dreams? Here’s how.
Children Know Better: How to Foster Your Dreams Since Childhood — by Jacob Dillon