“When I was in jail, I happened to meet one old guy, one senior of mine. He was in there because of something like what I did. Rioting and manslaughter. He has a longer term than I did and he is still serving now… because he is a hit man. He told me a lot of stuff. Instead of wasting my time as a young kid, why not do something out of it? I still remember one thing he told me. If a person is lost in the world, it is like they’re already in hell. There is no people guiding you. Even he asked me, ‘are you a believer yourself in any religion?’ During that time as a kid I don’t believe shit, I believed nothing. There's no God, there’s no evil; I'm a free thinker that's it. Me alone facing the world. I’m born, as a human being on earth, this kind of thing happens to me, I’m sorry I don’t believe there is God or Saint. No! There’s me and the world. That’s it. It’s my life. You like it, take it; you don’t like, fuck it. He told me, eventually when I grow older I will learn. Because I’m still young. My life is good now. I feel like I'm reborn, everything has changed, I threw my past all behind. I try to move on and love myself more. Hopefully I can guide people in a better way regardless of any religion. At least I know I've been guided. There are certain things I can do and can’t do. Because I’m trying to purify my soul.”

The creator of Portraits in Faith, Daniel Epstein adds a wonderful comment to the above excerpt from the video interview on this page...

Portraits In Faith: Alan Ter - Singapore — by Daniel Epstein