"Highly evolved beings, and the civilizations that they create, embrace principles and ways of being that create highly beneficial outcomes for all. Their civilizations are characterized by cooperation, harmony, and love rather than competition, conflict, and fear. The net result is civilizations where freedom, prosperity, and happiness abound."

#1 – They Deeply Understand the Unity of All Life and Live Congruently

#2 – They Always Tell The Truth

#3 – They Always Do What They Say

#4 – They Always Do What Works

#5 – They Never Kill Each Other

#6 – They Never Damage Their Environment

#7 – They Share Everything With Everyone, There is No Ownership

#8 – They Work Together Cooperatively, There is No Competition

#9 – They Do Not Embrace the Principles of Justice and Punishment

#10 – They Do Not Believe in or Experience Lack

Jeff discusses each of those in some depth.

10 Characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings — by Jeff Street