I thought this was an inspirational interview. Here's just a little sample...

"JB: Iím not a religious nut, nowóby no meansóbut I believe this fellow God up there has a plan for everybody. I had no means of any kind to do what Iím doing. But whenever I want to do somethingóRichard, itís weird how it happens, but it happens!

RW: Really?

JB: I kid you not! Iím just a cowboy, you know. I donít have enough money to hobnob with these guys Iím with up here at the festival, but whatever I want to do, it just happens! I just do it! The same with cowboying. There have been lots of times where I shouldnít have been doing what Iím doing, but He intervened and gave me the opportunity, and Iím doing it! I could have been standing on the corner selling drugs, or burglarizing your house."

A Conversation with Jim Brooks: The Right Stuff ó by Richard Whitaker