"What is Stoic philosophy?

There are two basic principles of stoicism, “How can we live a fulfilling, happy life?” and “How can we become better human beings?” In action, these statements combined ask us to ponder what we’re doing to cultivate happiness. After all, happiness is not a state of being alone. It is also a feeling of fulfillment, a pride of knowing that we’re doing and being what we were meant to, according to our own self-discovery.

Separate feeling, passion, and desire, and what do you have? You have basic human necessity and willpower. This school of philosophy, founded by Zeno in 280 B.C., prompted a new way of viewing life, by putting death at the forefront. This also meant that each passing day, each hour and minute was a precious time to be doing what humans were made to do."

How to Use Stoic Philosophy to Stay Calm in Any Difficult Situation — by Sherrie