"Raising the Question: How Do We Make Sense of it All?

So the thing is this: With so much garbage media competing for our attention through neural feedback hacks, disinformation and fake news, noisy communication channels, decreasing attention spans and deep disconnection from real-world problems and priorities, how the bleep can we make sense and create meaningful information of the world around us? How can we model our reality accurately and create coherent information that leads us to snap out of this mass hypnosis and get on working on solutions to save our biosphere, our future, ourselves? How do we take our noses away from our screens to realise that there is a reality outside the two-minute media clip and if we do not model that reality, bad existential things are about to happen?"

The solution is two-fold. We need to reconnect to our individual inner resources and use them to create a new world. Imagine a world founded on Love rather than fear. Seems impossible? It isn't. It is inevitable.

Is Loss of Sense-Making Threatening Our Existence? — by Gilbert Ross