Like Ripples in a Pond

There is not enough time to not be present in this moment
Do you think this body and breath you reside in has been leant
To you to ignore? To leave it vacant like an empty sack
Without any obligation to give part of your self back
To this universal dance where we each have a role to play
As we move through this life we’ve been given, each and every day?
Why not wake up this morning with gratitude in your heart
Which inspires you to offer yourself to play your small part
That then ripples outward like a pebble tossed into a pond
Touching other ripples, creating changes that reach beyond
Our own’s not necessary to see
The unfolding of each moment...we’re just required to BE
Or not to be...I suppose that that is always a choice
Drooling through this life you’ve been given, never finding your voice
That’s not a likely option, for we’ve been given a free will
To find our own methods and goals that we want to fulfill