"So you might be thinking “what are you trying to tell me here….that I do not exist? really?”. Well in many ways, yes, in some others no. I do not want to get too metaphysical here. Let’s say that the sense of a separate self, the notion of ‘I’ that you have with its nuances, its histories, its conditions, does not really exist. It’s a fabrication; an illusion. Yet it is an illusion that we hold on to most dearly and the more we do the more we beget resistances and struggle within ourselves because we all want to be free but what we don’t really realise is that in truth we want to be free of ourselves; of that inauthentic, separate and conditioned ‘I’. So we want to be free without ever suspecting the real culprit. This is how we end up fighting with our own self because we stand in our own way.

This brings me to the following point. If you want to be someone, you have to become no one. If you want to be really free, you have to let yourself go. If you want to live more fully, try emptying yourself first. Letting go of yourself bit by bit is the hardest thing you can do yet the most profound."

What are you Holding on to? — by Gilbert Ross