"This should go without saying, but it needs to be said: don’t take anything for granted. Not even science. Science changes every day. Research changes all the time. Don’t make the same mistake that theists make. Don’t believe in the research. Research it. Think about it. Tear it apart. Re-imagine it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover something that puts the research in this article out to pasture."

With that opening disclaimer Gary goes on to discuss these subjects...

1.) Song that reduces anxiety by 65 percent:
2.) Low levels of alcohol are good for the brain:
3.) Call to The Wild (or at least the outskirts):
4.) Curcumin Improves Memory and Mood:
5.) Self-defeating humor promotes psychological well-being:
6.) Magnetic brain stimulation alters negative emotion perception:
7.) Mindfulness meditation:

7 Amazing New Brain Hacks Backed By Science — by Gary 'Z' McGee