I don't often survey articles about starting businesses but happened to read this one and thought it was exceptionally valuable.

"For many people who are inherently entrepreneurial, starting a business is the ultimate dream. With their own business plan in the works, they could escape the 9-5 rat race, work on their own terms, and work hard for themselves instead of working to build wealth for someone else. Without a boss, aspiring business owners would also be free to take a chance on their ideas and do everything their way for once.

And, forget about working for a salary or hourly wage; when you own your own business, you can theoretically make as much money as you want.

With all those potential upsides, it’s no wonder people willingly give up workplace perks like a 401(k) match and employer-sponsored health insurance. If you had the potential to earn an unlimited salary and work for yourself, why wouldn’t you take it?

Small-Business Truths Nobody Tells You About?

Nine Things Nobody Tells You About Starting Your Own Business — by Holly Johnson