"Finally there is a little more ‘uncommon sense’ sweeping widely across spiritual mindsets in Western communities. Even though there are still many ideological splits – especially in regards to those who lean towards a more gnostic view and those who engage more with new age perspectives – there appears to be a greater acceptance of the shadow across the entire spectrum.

It really got out of hand in a rainbows-and-unicorns fashion for a while, at least for some. The Eastern philosophies were appropriated into a significantly distorted and unrealistic happy-fest, which left many newer and older spiritual seekers confused about some very simple concepts.

To begin, remember the saturation of lopsided new age memes that so many people were advocating over the last several years? Thankfully they have appeared to subside in intensity as many people begin to realise that denying the dark whilst deluding themselves with a false positivity just wasn’t working for them. Why thankfully? To put it bluntly, it was foolish. Impractical. It made little sense and just disconnected people further from not just themselves, but each other, and reality at large.

So in that light – or dark – let’s get on with 7 ways an improved spirituality is finally emerging on a wider scale."

This is an enlightening point of view.
7 Ways An Improved Spirituality Is Emerging In The Western World — by Phillip J. Watt