"Love is available to all of us, whether or not we happen to be in a romantic relationship right now.

Yet, thanks to the commercialism surrounding Valentine’s Day, many people feel unloved on the one day of the year set aside to celebrate love.

Feelings of loneliness, grief, and regret can be amplified. Memories of good times with old lovers can be stirred up, bringing painful emotions with them.

And, while we may not welcome these feelings, it is more than okay to experience them. We don’t need to suppress them or numb ourselves through food, alcohol, a one-night stand, or Netflix bingeing.

The most helpful thing we can do for ourselves when these feelings arise is to simply be with them. When we allow ourselves to fully feel our emotions, they disperse. When we suppress them, we hold onto them in our physical bodies—and they will be triggered to arise again and again, until we finally allow them to fully emerge.

To help release these trapped emotions, try practicing metta, the Buddhist loving-kindness meditation. This is a meditation to help us increase our own self-love, as well as to send love to others—and not just those we most care about."

A Valentine’s Day Meditation for all of Us. — by Hilda Carroll