"Intention, Attention, Purpose, Creation

A producer is an entity that manifests energy internally. This energy can be held on to and consumed internally, or it can be expressed out into the world for others to consume. Without producers, there would be nothing for consumers to consume. Consumption and productions are a symbiotic relationship of energetic transfer within society. The dilemma that far too many people in society today seem to be running into, is the unbalanced transfer of energy between people’s production and people’s consumption. It seems the people have produced the hard labor, so the rich can produce little and consume the real wealth, while the poor continue to consume the propaganda and distractions. This is a completely un-symbiotic relationship that takes the form of a central leach sucking the productive energy out of the people so it can consume all for itself.

The real problem stems from misaligned intentions and limited attention. Intentions come from the unique blueprint of oneself, the soul. When one’s purpose isn’t centered around the intentions in one’s soul, then one will always be giving their energy to someone else. In this sense, a person is walking down someone else’s path when their intentions don’t come from their own uniqueness. However, when one discovers who they truly are, they create their own path through life and don’t feel the need to run along any other’s path."

Manifesting from Within – Becoming an Authentic Producer — by Tim Bryant