"Spiritual discipline is the process of engaging in specific spiritual practices on a daily basis, training, disciplining, and mastering ourselves for the purpose of regularly attaining spiritual experiences. This is how we cultivate a direct knowledge and understanding of Spirit.

Spirit is not a concept or an idea. It is not something you must ‘believe in’ to experience. Nor does an experience of spirit require faith, except perhaps the valuable forms of faith: faith in yourself, faith in the learning, creative, and growth processes, and the general faith that if you put in the effort towards something, that your efforts will be rewarded.

An experience of spirit or of spiritual awareness is a real experience of emotion, perception, and energy which we can cultivate with various spiritual disciplines for a definite result. This spiritual awareness is cultivated over years of practice, because it is a process of personal mastery and growth as much as one of reconditioning and honing ourselves. You will begin to experience these changes relatively quickly, in some form at least. However, in general it will take a few years of practice for these changes to begin to really take form in your behavior, perception, mind, and life, just like knowledge or skill in any art. Like progressing from an amateur musician to composing symphonies. The difference is incredible, it just takes time."

Spiritual Discipline :: Cultivating Spiritual Experience — by Brandon West