Well I've done it. 5+ years and 10,000 posts later it is time for a change. I'll be shifting most of my Theoretics Institute efforts out of the digital realm and back into physical manifestations. As I promised here I have indeed written an overview about that which I've learned by exposing myself to thousands of different points of view. To me each of them had something to do with creating a new world - a change in consciousness - a spiritual awakening.

I won't be abandoning this forum completely but will continue to use (under a different name - WBG) to share the new Theoretics projects. The first that is coming along nicely is "Burying the Hatchet - An Experiment of Forgiveness". You can expect to see something about that in a week or so.

I'll also be keeping an eye out for spammers and prune their attempts to promote sleaze.

Remember, this is still an open forum. If you wish to register and post links, experiences or thoughts please feel free to do so.

In the meantime here is my report (plus I've added it as a Blog entry).

Report From The Front Lines - 10,000 Posts Later — by Welles