When well-meaning people can't see it the same way — by Seth Godin

Yes, there are a few people who are mendacious, who are not seeking what you're seeking. And yet, most of the time, there are plenty of good people who disagree with you--they want a good outcome, but the narrative they bring insists on getting there in a very different way. They have different glasses on and are using a different map as well.

People don't believe what you believe, and they don't know what you know. Some of the gaps:

Authority--because the world works better when things are coherent and predictable and someone is in charge
Freedom--because people free to speak up and find their own path are able to weave a civil society out of chaos

Affiliation--because being in sync and engaged with others makes for a happier life
Conformance--because doing what you’re told is safer and telling people what to do is easier

Inconsistent--Change is fine if it makes things better, even if you want to call me a flip flopper
Consistent--Because it’s safer to stand for something and not reconsider it

Hero—Someone needs to save the day
Bystander--There's too much on the line, and I'm not the one to do it this time

What will they say?--keep an eye on those that are watching me
What will my mom say?--doing the right thing, even if someone is looking, and especially if no one is

Belief--because it’s a narrative to quiet the chatter in our head
Proof--because science works

Change--because things can get better if we let them
The status quo--because change is risky

Civility--because we’re working to keep it all from falling apart
Conflict--because if you can’t handle it, get out of the way

The long haul--because none of it is worth it if we poison ourselves
The short run--because the long haul manages to take care of itself

Service--because our heroes sacrificed for others
Profit--because making a profit is the market’s way of rewarding service

The strongest--because the pack moves fastest if the strongest are supported and rewarded
The slowest--because we’re only as good as the way we treat the weakest among us

The cusp--because progress is interesting
The middle--because proven is better

Family first--because you take care of your own
Community first--because everyone is in your family

Emergencies--because this pain needs to be addressed right now
The long game--because the emergencies never end

Show your work--because finding an error in my math helps us both, transparency pays
Opacity—I don't need you cherry-picking an argument with me

Pay it forward--because someone did it for me
Put your own oxygen mask on first--because I might not get another chance