"We are all perpetually bombarded with an endless array of investment opportunities, be it an investment of our attention, energy, money, skill, sweat, emotions, knowledge, etc. But what if there was only ONE investment that perpetually yields an everlasting, incalculable, limitless dividend? Would that not obviously and always be the best investment, regardless of circumstances or context? But what if we simply can’t decipher this ultimate investment opportunity from all the rest? Developing and having the awareness to decipher that ONE perfect investment would be priceless beyond all measure.

What if the Mind/Ego/Identity that makes, weighs and ultimately decides which investment to make was a SHADOW, a transitory illusion in and of itself? Would this knowingness not shed total illumination on the entirety of the investment playing field?
Maybe everyone should invest in the only thing that endures, this Immortal YOU. The Awareness itself. Your Sentience. Your timeless, immortal Consciousness."

The Only Worthwhile Investment We Ever Make — by RJ Spina