I truly enjoyed Miguel's take on quieting the mind...

"Nothing makes me happy.

But don’t get alarmed; I’m not depressed. I get happiness from lots of things: my wife, my dogs, playing music, eating tacos, watching Evil Dead for the 200th time…I love things. I just also love no-things.

Nothing—or nothingness—is all around us, so we might as well learn to love it! It’s everywhere, and it’s in everything.

You may well feel like you’ve heard this sort of thing before: nothing is everything, everything is nothing, less is more—they’re all clichés of spiritual practice. They’ve been around as long as humans have been able to talk, propagated by spiritual teachers, Buddhist monks, yogis, hippies, and high-school art teachers who maybe smelled like weed sometimes.

But just because we’ve heard it all before, that doesn’t mean it’s not true."

The Power of Nothing. — by Miguel Chen