"Being able to think is what we tend to believe makes us superior to other beings. Not that we don’t believe that other species think, but we do it so much better. We resonate, analyze and contemplate. We keep pondering and pondering, using the mind as if it was who we were, and the most valuable asset of any human being.

On the contrary, when thoughts are present, true connection cannot flow. Thoughts often interfere with us being in the now moment, and only by stilling the mind can we listen to our divine truth. Our innate wisdom will come through, and the feeling of calm will rise."

This is a lovely article on the capacity to quiet one's mind. I'm of the opinion that the mental chatter that is so difficult to quiet is a reaction to the emotional defenses and attachments. In that light quieting the mind means relaxing the emotional center. That's when the consciousness shifts to the heart.

How to Break Free from the ‘Mind Game’ — by Hilde Larsen