"The venerable Lynne Twist has traversed the world speaking about finances, leadership, and social justice. She has inspired thousands to rethink their relationship with money and will be one of the many brilliant speakers featured at the Success 3.0 Summit this October 31st."

(Here's the first question and answer. Lynne Twist is the founder of The Soul of Money Institute...)

'Q: You have talked to over 100,000 people all over the world about creating a healthy relationship around money. What common obstacles do we all share?

A: People are caught in what I call the lie of scarcity. By that, I mean an unconscious unexamined set of assumptions that come even before beliefs, that there’s not enough to go around and that all resources are scarce. This perception of the world stops people from seeing what I call the radical surprising truth: which is that there is enough, they have enough, and they are enough."

5 Questions for Lynne Twist — by Alma Tassi