This post by Ida is rather far ranging but concludes...

"Love is Eternal

I am a pilgrim on a journey of Truth: a realization that Divinity is within us, and that we are, in a way, co-creators of our every moment via our free will choice. That can be a heavy thought for someone who is suffering to believe that they co-created the situation or the moment. Why would we create suffering?

I dont claim to understand why, only to reach toward the truth. One thing Im changing, because I need to, is self-judgment or recrimination. Im done with that and let me say its a long haul for persons of a similar spirit to mine. Love yourself, accept it all and know, without doubt, your light shines brighter because you have done so.

From my viewpoint: God is Love in the feminine, God is Truth in the masculine, and they are One Divinity in movement Creation. A spark of this very God is the Core Vibration of us human beings. So that means Truth and Love are inherent in us. We can return to what humanity apparently has lost: in fact we are returning."

Be A Light by Ida Lawrence